How to keep those sales pouring in.

When you are in the business of retail or Ecommerce sales you know that you live in a season driven world. We have just popped out of what is arguably the busiest and most lucrative time of year and landed in a sea of busy-ness, none of which is plumping your pocket book!  sales just naturally slow down but this is the biggest time of the year for return items, leaving the merchant not only out of the cash they are refunding but also losing money if they offer free return shipping. This is also the time of year when many retailers are clearing out the inventory before measuring the annual inventory levels. All those gift card recipients are coming in and reaping the rewards of clearance but you’re not exactly reaping the rewards, profits, as the business owner. And on top of that, it’s tax time.

Rather than spending the first quarter of the year in the red, better to implement a few strategies to keep the sales rolling in.

Christmas is a time for giving and all of that shopping can leave people wanting. After Christmas is a perfect time to reach out to those customers who saw things they want for themselves while they were shopping for others. It’s a perfect time to offer a sale, promotion or send a loyalty offer or coupon to your current loyal customers who are on your mailing list or have your store app. It may seem like a sale is counter intuitive but the sale doesn’t have to be epic to draw the attention of your customers.

Plus, this is the perfect time to make use of all those new email addresses you collected over the holidays. You want to engage these new customers now while your store is fresh in their mind. Many times people move on with their lives and totally forget they even gave you their email address when they were in last December, so you want to market to them while the pleasure of shopping with you is still fresh in their minds.

Another good way to garner those extra sales is to incentivize your customers to buy a little bit more. Free shipping on orders over $50 or 20% off $75 and above etc., are all good ways to entice customers to take a second look.

Make sure you are taking care to market when it will be the most effective.  For example, if you are using Twitter to reach your customers and let them know about specials or sales, you want to keep in mind that Twitter is often looked at as a news source, meaning that early morning is when people are most active. Facebook, on the other hand, viewed mostly as a social network get the most interaction later in the evening, after the kids are in bed. Paying attention to these types of trends helps you better target your marketing so you get the most traction from your campaigns.

There’s a huge mentality shift that happens across the masses come the first of the year. It is a time for reeling things in. A time for resolutions. A time for getting “back into it”. It’s a time for gearing your marketing efforts towards this mentality. Do you offer products that help them get back in the swing of things, ramp up there fitness goals or get ready for tax time? The tree is coming down and people are really ready to get their house back in order and start their spring cleaning! Well this is the time to highlight these items and play into their mindset.

Out with the old and in with the new to boost sales.

Keep it fresh! Believe it or not people are actually more inclined to buy from a store that always seems new and different. Your store and your Ecommerce site needs to be updated with the seasons to keep your customers engaging regularly. This is one of the top tips for creating a website that converts. Customers make buying decisions based on the impression they have of your store or Ecommerce site, not necessarily on how much they want a particular item. Besides, updating your content never hurt your SEO rankings.

Most importantly keep yourself out there! This is a time when literally everyone is exhausted from the holidays. Business owners tend to take this time to breathe, catch up, revel in some slow days at work, so if you do the exact opposite and keep putting yourself out there you have no choice but to capture the lion’s share of the shopping dollars that are out there!

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