Running a restaurant is hard. It’s probably one of the hardest businesses one could have a dream of opening. Having a dream, amazing food and a vibrant atmosphere aren’t the only things a budding entrepreneur needs on their side to run a successful restaurant. Whether it’s a full service restaurant, quick serve, or a cute little food truck in order to run the business both efficiently and profitably business owners today need a whole suite of supporting tools aimed specifically for giving the restaurateur a leg up.  TouchBistro© Point of Sale system is a highly effective tool built for restaurant people by restaurant people. Being frustrated with the options available for a restaurant in the POS world the TouchBistro© founders aimed to create a Point Of Sale system that could help restaurateurs maximize profits while still delivering an exceptional customer experience, and maybe even help to make business decision making easier. Restaurateurs open their business because of their passion for food and the people they make happy with their food. TouchBistro© serves to make managing the “business” side easier and more concise, ultimately allowing these brave entrepreneurs to focus on their passions. With everything from intuitive customer service and ordering functions to cost reporting, marketing and education TouchBistro© was conceived to assist you in going from surviving to thriving.

IF you’re looking for the perfect POS system for your restaurant then your search is officially over.

While we can’t dive into the over 200 features in their entirety right here, let’s touch on a few of the features that make this system so perfect for the restaurant industry.

How wonderful is it to have a POS system designed to not only help streamline your processes but also enable you to increase sales? Whether the customer is upgrading their order themselves at one of the intuitive self ordering kiosks or the POS is quietly suggesting upsell advice to the server right in the moment, it is easy to increase sales without your customers feeling sold.

Coursing tools allow your servers to provide superior service while also helping to keep back of the house organized. A full spectrum of custom modifiers are just one example of the over 200 features and one of the ways the system helps your staff provide superior customer service. They will be able to quickly locate a detailed ingredient list, including allergy information (gluten…) and images for each item on the menu empowering them to expertly answer any menu question that might arise.  Whether sending tickets into the kitchen or closing checks, everything is quick and efficient.

And when service is finished, even more tools help to keep the tables turning. With a bill splitting option built right into the software there’s no worry about mistakes, making splitting the check quick and easy for both your service staff and your customers. Not only can you split a check for your customers but you can also join a group together, or transfer a check with a quick swipe of a finger.

In the restaurant business, any process that slows a server down costs money.

If speed is one of your top priorities then look no further. TouchBistro© isn’t just for busy restaurants though. It’s perfect for play houses and performance halls and really any type of venue that requires quick and efficient drink service. With the mobile POS servers will make quick work of long lines. And, if you’re running a quick service restaurant the quick register buttons are your new best friend. With the touch of a button increase your per person sales as well as your overall sales.  

Your servers will be ecstatic to finally have a restaurant POS system that works for them instead of against them.

Cloud based POS convenience and flexibility without the dependence.

Enjoy all the convenience and flexibility that comes with a cloud based POS without with worry of down time. Because TouchBistro© doesn’t rely on the internet to operate you are not at the mercy of your connection, while still being able to enjoy the flexibility of a cloud based system. TouchBistro© is the only restaurant specific POS system that doesn’t depend on the internet. But because it is cloud based all the information you need is available to you at anytime from any location or device. We call this a hybrid approach to the cloud. While offline you will be able to perform all the functions you need to run your business. Staff can take customer orders and complete payment transactions and management can edit menus, view reports, even clock employees in and out. With support of the cloud you’ll be able to manage your business from wherever you are. You will be able to study the minute-by-minute performance of your business through the elegant reporting dashboards anytime you need to.

But it can also help you know what to do with all of that information too. No retreating back into the back office, when it comes to making critical business decisions, TouchBistro© provides you with useful information you can use on the fly. Follow and manage your sales quickly and efficiently with up to the minute food cost and alcohol cost analysis.  Ingredient inventory tracking let’s you know exactly what you have on hand and what needs to be ordered making sure you never have to “86” an item.

Let the system crunch the numbers for you, then review those stats to help you decide what’s working and what’s not. Know when to bring in more staff when it is busy or drive more business during the slow times with customer loyalty or on demand or automatically scheduled promos. The robust software will handle all of your staff management and scheduling needs in a clear and concise manner. Quickly and easily generate reports with the most up to date data and analytics.

No more worrying about old, outdated POS hardware costing you thousands to upgrade.

No more worrying about how much your POS provider is going to charge you when your system is older and needs an update. And TouchBistro© grows with you as your business grows. Whether you just need to add new employees or change features TouchBistro© was built to grow with your business. It is capable of servicing unlimited employees, staff and management, and user logins so you can be sure to be able to get new staff up and running without a hassle or any extra costs.

Updates are always available at your convenience simply by visiting the app store, and updates are always ready for you free of charge. And all of this comes with comprehensive 24/7/365 customer service. Restaurants don’t keep regular hours, that’s why the restaurant support squad is here for you- even in the middle of the night!

TouchBistro© not only supports your success on the floor, but also behind the scenes.

Get involved with the community! Want to have a say in what new features are added to the system or just network with other like minded business owners? Become a member of the VIP community-network with other restaurant industry business owners. Submit a request for specific features you think would be helpful for the industry and be the first to get a sneak peek into features that are about to be released. Stay on top of trends and commune with local and global restaurant community by attending local mixers and industry events hosted by TouchBistro©.  

Spend some time in the Restaurant Success Library and learn about every aspect of running a business including marketing, finances, reporting, and staff management.

There really isn’t a single stone unturned when it comes to the beauty, intuitiveness, and of course, the thoughtful dedication to your success even beyond the day to day, in the way TouchBistro© was designed for you. And we’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg here.© When you couple your dream and expertise, the intuitiveness of TouchBistro© and the integrity and transparency of Bankcard Brokers’ payment processing you have a dream team that cannot be hindered!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level call Bankcard Brokers today and schedule your very own enlightening demo.