Merchant accounts allow retailers to accept credit cards and other non-cash payments. Some merchant accounts are considered high risk. E-commerce, international sales, and morally ambiguous retailers are typically categorized as high risk, as are industries with high likelihoods of fraud and chargebacks. Adult product retailers, gambling sites, and payday loan companies are additional high risk businesses.

Merchant account specialists, such as Bankcard Brokers, can supply more than just credit card processing. Let’s take a look at five of the services our high-risk merchant account specialists can provide.

5 Merchant Services for High Risk Industries

  1. Credit Card Processing. Here at Bankcard Brokers, we tap our worldwide network of institutions to deliver credit card payment processing for legal, high risk businesses. We provide credit card processing for all major card brands.
  2. Fraud Prevention. We offer 3D secure processing to extend your fraud protection. Our in-house IT staff identifies potential security threats. Additionally, Bankcard Brokers customers receive ongoing educational tools and counsel on how to avoid fraud.
  1. Chargeback Prevention Programs. Chargebacks are a major headache for retailers. They occur when customers’ payments are refunded, either due to fraud or to unsatisfactory performance. Some customers may even attempt to carry out “friendly fraud,” by demanding a chargeback after receiving goods or services. Our chargeback prevention program can eradicate up to 65% of a company’s chargebacks!
  1. PCI-Compliant Payment Gateways. The PCI (Payment Card Industry) security requirements were established in 2004 to protect electronic networks within the payment industry. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover all require PCI compliance for electronic transactions. PCI compliance is challenging and expensive to achieve independently, so most retailers entrust it to their merchant services provider. Bankcard Brokers provides PCI compliance for high risk businesses.
  1. Security services.
    Our SSL protection safeguards your brand against security breaches. Additionally, we employ a security team to monitor all high risk account transactions, minimizing chargebacks.

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