Top 10 Reasons to Start Accepting Credit Cards Today

Whether you are offering online services, or are located primarily offline, it is a good idea to start accepting credit cards. There are many instances when shoppers want to buy something now, and can’t – because you do not accept credit cards. You can increase the amount of business that you do by accepting credit cards for your business. Opening an online merchant account only makes the process easier.

Here are the top 10 reasons to start accepting credit cards:

1. Shoppers spend more when they are using a credit card. Without having to worry about whether the money is in a checking account or some other account, shoppers are more likely to spend more. This is just what a credit card can do for shoppers. On average, a credit card shopper will make a purchase of $100 – or more. Indeed, for larger purchases, credit cards are the payment method of choice.

2. Shoppers spend more often when they use credit cards. Just as shoppers are more comfortable spending more money when they use credit cards, they are also more inclined to shop more often. Accepting credit cards increases the chances that this tendency to spend money on a more regular basis will benefit your business. Bonus: credit card shoppers are more prone to impulse buying. You can use this to your advantage when you accept credit cards.

3. Credit cards are the preferred payment method online. Much has been said and written recently about identity theft. One of the reasons that credit cards are so popular online is because they have specific fraud protections. Indeed, many savvy online shoppers feel safer online. Besides, as online shopping gains in popularity, so will the number of credit card transactions. If you want to participate in the boom, you need to start accepting credit cards.

4. Online shopping is becoming more and more important. Even if your business is mostly offline, you should have a Web site. And your Web site should accept credit cards. In the last two years, online retail has exploded. If you don’t have a Web presence, and if you aren’t accepting credit cards, you can’t take advantage of the online shopping boom.

5. Your competitors probably already accept credit cards. Chances are your competitors are already allowing customers to pay with credit cards over the Internet. This puts you at a disadvantage. If a customer wants to use a credit card, and you do not accept them, he or she will go to a competitor instead. If you want to remain competitive with your business, you need to start accepting credit cards today.

6. Credit card rewards make using credit card more appealing to customers. One of the reasons that credit cards are so popular is because of the reward programs they offer. Customers want to use their credit cards to allow them to earn points for travel, prizes and even cash. If you accept credit cards for your business, that gives customers another reason to buy from you – you are helping them earn credit card rewards. And, if you take advantage of special promotions offered by card issuers, you can be a part of special promotions that will help send even more customers your direction.

7. Customers will feel confidence in your business. Because of the security that often goes with accepting credit cards, customers can feel confident that their transactions are safe when they shop with you. This is an important point. You can provide a secure and convenient way for your customers to shop – meaning that you are more likely to get repeat business on top of new business.

8. Credit cards are fast. When you use an online merchant to accept credit cards for your business, you can take care of transactions quickly. This is an advantage for both you and for your customers. It means that purchases are approved electronically. If the money isn’t available, you know immediately, and can stop the sale before it even goes through. In other cases, it can be days before you find out the money isn’t there – especially if you aren’t doing things electronically. Then it costs more to try and collect the money you are owed.

9. You broaden your customer base by accepting credit cards. People all over the world use the Internet to do their shopping. Why limit yourself to a local geography when you can reach people on the other side of the globe. Credit cards are international, and by accepting them, it means you can expand your customer base to places across the continent – like Toronto, Canada – or on the other side of the world – in Europe or Asia. You can reach more customers when you accept credit cards.

10. Credit cards are versatile. Accepting credit cards mean you can increase your versatility. No matter your business – whether you provide goods or services – accepting credit cards can be the easy, fast and convenient way to get paid.

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