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PCI Compliance – Do It Right, Avoid Paying Non-Compliance Fees

Data security best practices

What is PCI Compliance, and why do merchants have to do it? The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets the standards for security when processing payment card transactions. PCI compliance refers to the steps that merchants take to maintain the security standards set for accepting card payments. Every merchant who wants to accept any kind of […]

PCI Compliance: Security Police Will Shut You Down

There’s a new lawman in town, and his name is PCI Compliance. If you’re one of those merchants that like to treat the rules surrounding PCI compliance like the mall cop of credit card processing you’re soon in for a rude awakening. Ignore this one thing and all your payment transactions will come to a […]

PCI Compliance Update – Are you Ready?

Over the last few years, despite ever more rigorous PCI compliance requirements, there has been a notable increase in data breaches. Large companies such as Target and Home Depot have been hacked and information about transactions and customers has been stolen.  However, the problem of data theft isn’t limited to large companies. Small businesses have […]

What is TLS Security?

As EMV continues being implemented in the United States, businesses will see a reduction in fraud related to “in person” transactions. EMV technology works to prevent criminals from re-using stolen credit card data, however, this could cause an increase in other types of fraud, especially “card not present” transactions. Ecommerce is booming and retailers are not […]

How to Ensure Your High Risk Business is PCI Compliant

If your business processes, retains, or transmits credit card information, you most likely know that you are expected to be PCI compliant.  Any group that processes, retains, or transmits credit cardholder data is expected to be PCI compliant. Compliance is based on the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as developed by a […]