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Visa’s Tightening The Noose On Merchant Chargebacks

When it comes to chargebacks, Visa is letting merchants know: clean house by Oct 1st, or else. Visa and MasterCard both set thresholds for the number of chargebacks and fraudulent incidences they will allow a business to have before action must be taken. Now they are tightening the noose, so to speak, on just how […]

Online Gaming Merchant Account- How To Beat The Odds

To an acquiring bank an online gaming business represents a multitude of less than appealing situations. The rules and regulations are inconsistent from state to state and are continually changing. These types of sites are generally an easy target for credit card fraud. Unfortunately, online gambling sites fall victim to a higher instance of data […]

Nutraceuticals-They Might As Well Be Weed

How Banks Are Blacklisting Nutracuetical Companies And What They Can Do About It. A few months ago we published an article about how difficult it is for companies in the Nutraceutical Industry to qualify for and keep a merchant account to allow them to sell their goods and take payments for said goods. One would […]