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QR Code Contactless Payments – Step Up Your Payments Game

QR code contactless payments

Is QR code technology the next wave in contactless payment convenience? Is it time for merchants to enable payments through a simple scan of a QR code?  Not surprisingly, the U.S. has been slower to adopt newer digital payment methods than other economically fast-growing countries.  Europe and many major Asian countries have readily adopted various […]

Contactless Payments During Coronavirus

NFC powered contactless payments

We’re living in a time where every business in every industry is having to rethink the way they run everyday operations. Consumers are turning to contactless payments as a way to purchase goods while remaining safe. As we move forward, if you want your business to remain healthy, you must accept contactless payments. Just 2 […]

Contactless Payments- The U.S. Is Behind The Times

Historically, the U.S. has lagged behind European countries’ adoption of more secure payment technology. We have only recently integrated into EMV compliance, years after countries like Europe, the UK, and Poland. Our adoption of “tap to pay”, or contactless, payments is no different. Outside of the U.S., however, many of our surrounding countries are already […]

Using Mobile Payments/NFC Tech To Its Full Potential

  Do you offer your customer’s the option of payment with NFC or contactless mobile payments? IF not, why? If you do, are they using it and are you using it to its full potential?     Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are leading the industry in digital wallets which allow consumers to […]