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Consequences of High Chargeback Ratios- Part 2-Chargeback Prevention

Most business owners know that a high chargeback ratios hurt their profit margins. But what they may not realize is that more than 80% of claims filed are attributed to “friendly fraud”. In other words, only about 20% of chargebacks claimed are because of actual theft and use of stolen credentials. This means that your […]

Consequences-High Chargeback Ratios Part 1

High chargeback ratios come with consequences.

As a business owner accepting payments, you’ve probably heard the term “chargeback ratio”. And you may even know what it means for your business. IF you happen to be operating in the Ecommerce realm, you are most likely highly aware of the dreaded chargeback. And you undoubtedly understand the ramifications a high ratio can have […]

Friendly Fraud- A Manageable Evil

Friendly fraud and chargeback fraud is so common these days you might think it’s just a necessary evil when running a business. Chargebacks are every business’s worst nightmare and chargeback fraud costs eCommerce businesses billions of dollars a year. Loss of sales revenue aren’t the only costs. There are also fees associated with each chargeback […]