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Credit Card Fees Are Expensive, Merchants Are Fighting Back

A trend is sweeping the nation. That trend is that merchants are getting tired of how much it costs them to accept credit cards. Merchants are beginning to stand up for the right to pass on the costs of accepting credit cards to their customers. By introducing a credit card surcharge to consumers who purchase […]

What Is This Cash Discount Craze?

Merchants are sick and tired of paying the high cost of credit card processing. There’s this new, exciting  (not really new by the way) program for saving money on credit card processing that Merchant Service Providers and their salesman are pushing more and more these days. Industry mags are calling it the wave of the […]

So, You Want Free Credit Card Processing Do You?

So, you say you want free credit card processing? There’s a ton of credit card processors offering it nowadays. But, how can they really do that?  Is anything really ever free? Is there actually such a thing as free credit card processing? There is no such thing as free credit card processing. Unfortunately, there is […]

Credit Card Surcharges- The Hype And The Low Down

Surcharging VS Cash discount – pros/cons should your business do it? While credit card surcharging seems to be all over payments news lately it really is nothing new. We have been talking about and working towards educating our clients about the option for credit card surcharging as well as better alternatives for quite some time […]

California Won! So You Think You Can Add A Surcharge?

Think Again! You may have heard California won the lawsuit on the state’s ban on credit card surcharging, but what does that mean? A little history first….. A prohibition on adding a surcharge to credit card purchases went into effect in California in 1985. The statute states that it is meant to “promote the effective […]

Eliminate Credit Card Fees? Yes. Yes You Can.

Could the idea of lowering, or even eliminating, your credit card fees be more than just a pipe dream? Is there a world where the costs associated with merchants accepting credit cards, and customers enjoying the convenience of using their credit cards, are bore more equally? There was a time when consumers paid with both […]