It’s true there is no shortage of various different POS systems to choose from already making narrowing the field an intimidating task, but it seems like these days there is a fancy new one on the market everyday. Clover POS system is one of those exciting solutions that has long been capturing a well earned market share of attention. Clover claims it “can handle the rigors of your business, and look good doing it.” But aside from all their claims and fame how do you know if Clover is right for you?

Is Clover POS right for you?

Considering the importance of the role your POS (point of sale) system plays in the day to day operations of your business it’s no wonder most people find it a daunting decision. Your POS is the workhorse that performs all of the functions required to make your business run, it processes all of your sales everyday and then compiles that information into something you can understand and put to use.

In this article we will highlight the features of the Clover POS Suite of products and dive into what makes this system so flexible and so popular. Clover really does have something for everyone, from the location-less crafter and mobile businesses to small business owners to retail spaces with multiple locations. The Clover suite of systems consists of 5 options from the smallest portable solution to the most robust system. Here we will walk through the functions and features that inherently come with all of the Clover POS options and we will touch on the highlights of each product to help you decide which has the functionality you are looking for.

Handheld/Mobile                          Desktop Options

Clover Go                                         Clover Mini

Clover Flex                                       Clover Station

Clover Mobile

Clover POS is a Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) and that’s a good thing.

When it comes to POS systems that are Cloud based, mobility and scalability go hand in hand. The first and most obvious benefit of a Cloud based system is that everything can happen anywhere you need to be or anywhere the customer is. The business owner has access to the business’s performance data from wherever they are, whenever they want it- real results in real time. You can access every sales report, employee hours, tax reports or anything else through your personal web enabled dashboard or downloaded app on your tablet or mobile device.

Customers can pay, not just anywhere they want, any way they want. Clover Cloud based POS is capable of handling all forms of payments to make for seamless sales transactions. Whether they pay with credit, debit, or EMV chip cards, prefer NFC payments through a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Android Pay or have a gift card or just good old fashioned cash Clover’s got it handled.

Scalability, mobility, moldability- Clover boasts it all.

In our article with tips on how to choose the best POS system for your business we talk about the importance of scalability. It’s a huge weight off your shoulders to know that the system that helps you run your business on a daily basis can grow and change alongside with the way your business itself grows and changes. Clover is made for scalability. Need only the minimum right now? Great! There’s robust POS capabilities right out of the box, then go ahead and add more components and capabilities when you need them. Its ready for you when you’re ready for it.

But it’s not just adding physical components to the system that makes this POS so flexible. “Add-ons” in the form of API integrations offer a unique value element that other systems just don’t have. There are more opportunities to utilize AI (artificial intelligence) in the retail space than ever before. Through Machine learning and predictive analytics you will have better insight into your customer’s needs and buying habits so that you can, in turn, offer new and better customer experiences.

Clover POS functionality packs a punch.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having a Cloud based POS system there also must be some robust functionality to help you run a tight ship. Not only do you need to be able to reach all that important information any time you want, the system needs to be able to record all that information and produce every report or every bit of information in a clear and concise manner for you use. Clover shines.

Sales are tracked in real time so you can track and access all sales and reports from any device. Real time sales reports are available for access on the device, on the web, and through the iOS/Android app. Even find out what portion of your sales were paid for in cash, at any given moment.

Enter, categorize and track your inventory effortlessly. Let Clover track and tell you which SKU’s are your bestsellers with enhanced inventory tracking while its order management tools will allow you to modify any order when needed, combine orders or perform an exchange for your customer with ease.

Restaurant establishments and service industry will appreciate functions that allow them to send orders directly to the kitchen, integrate a weight scale and add tip adjust functions.

Tasks like accounting and paying taxes become chores you don’t have to put off since Clover integrates seamlessly with your accounting system and can even be setup to automate your tax payments by collecting, then filing and paying your tax payments automatically.

Clover is thoughtfully equipped with offline capabilities. No internet? No problem. Offline capabilities give the ultimate in flexibility by allowing you to process transactions while there is no internet connection, transaction information will sit in the queue until you can reconnect, then all information is sent in and processed as soon as you’re back online.

Of course, with Clover POS Security is paramount.

All Clover products utilize that latest state of the art technology to help to ensure the safety and security of your payment data with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and continuous and automatic PCI-DSS compliance.

Think your POS system isn’t going to help you market your business? Think again! Powerful marketing tools empower you to create rewards programs as well as set up social media and/or email campaigns that will in turn help you create regular customers. Customer Engagement applications give you much more control over customer rewards and gift cards. Sell digital or plastic gift cards or issue refunds or store credits straight from the clover device. It even helps you create your customer list by allowing them opt-in to receive promos and get rewards. They will even be able to give you private feedback to let you know how you’re doing.

You say you want a POS system that’s not only scalable but moldable to your specific needs?

We know that the main goal for most business owners is actually conducting the business you are so passionate about, not doing all the menial chores that come with running a business. That’s why Clover comes with an entire App Marketplace so that you can mold your functions and capabilities into exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

And the first one you’re going to need is the FREE Clover Insights mobile app. Clover Insights is designed to give you a looking glass into the health of your business and your competition through the tracking of all sales by business type no matter what the market. Insights will use your transaction data to help you recognize trends in sales and also keep track of your competition’s performance and help you to compare it to your own. Clover Insights will give you the kind of information you need to run a more streamlined business with it’s ability to show you what percentage of your customers are actually returning customers, measure the busiest and slowest times of the week to help aid you in scheduling employees and measure your sales for any given day, week, month or year to make sure you are hitting your forecasted targets for profit.  What kind of affect do you think being able to put your fingertip on these little tidbits of information will have on the success of your business?

There’s also many more applications available for Clover POS that help you take the work out of working.

Let’s talk about some of the most popular apps helping business owners today.

Clover Check Acceptance takes allowing people to pay however they want to a new level. Believe it or not some people still write checks! And Clover doesn’t want you to miss out on a sale. But also, many businesses still pay their remittance for products and services in checks as well. With Check Acceptance you can electronically accept checks quickly and securely. Find out if a check is accepted or declined within seconds by taking a picture of the check with your Clover device. Some of the benefits that come along with accepting electronic checks include lower processing fees, faster funding, it reduces fraud losses and incidence of chargeback and shifts some of the liability of chargebacks off your business.

The Time Clock keeps time sheets and tracks employee shifts, lets employees clock in and out, tracks their hours for you, and helps you build and view and change schedules.

There is a Cash Track function that allows you to keep an ongoing, real time tally of the portion of your sales that were made with cash. Have a delivery business? Know exactly where your products are and when they were delivered with Driver Assign, while Customer Assign lets you add the customer’s name, address, and phone number to the order. Perfect for businesses that make repeat deliveries to the same customer.

Appointments Pro manages all customer appointments and employee calendars, perfect for the health and beauty industry such as salons and spas, tour companies and special events, education  classes and workshops as well as field services like house cleaning, yard maintenance and pest control. Really any industry where it’s important to keep track of your appointment scheduling.

This is just a few of the options available in the App Market that enable this to be a truly moldable solution that can tackle the needs of any of today’s business landscapes.  So, you can see that whether you have a retail space, a spa, a restaurant or a food truck Clover has a configuration for you.

Now let’s go over some of the highlights of each of the Clover POS suite of products.

Clover Go is a contactless, chip and swipe card reader perfect for people on the go. Clover Go is great for entrepreneurs to make sales from anywhere they are without having to carry around a bulky device. Your smartphone or tablet is your POS system with the Clover Go attached by way of Bluetooth. Also works in conjunction with all other Clover devices- you can open a sale on another Clover POS and close it on Glover Go. It can be configured with the capability to adjust tips and programmed with multiple tax rates. Clover Go lets you “go green” and saves on paper, instead of printing receipts customers can choose to have them emailed and/or texted-(think about the marketing possibilities..)

Clover Mobile is the perfect solution for the type of mobility needed by food trucks, festivals, and pay-at-the-table restaurants. When your customers are in a hurry or just passing through they need a quick way to pay and get on with it and Clover Mobile is just the thing to make it happen. Outfitted with either Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G capabilities so you are always ready to make that sale.

Clover Flex is a compact option for the companies that don’t have a lot of space for a large counter top POS. It’s the perfect happy medium between the mobile options and the larger counter top stations. Flex is designed with a built in camera and barcode scanner to make for quicker intake of inventory items. Allows the associate to process a customer’s card and accept an electronic signature, then print the receipt out or, if the customer prefers, send it through email or text. You can even configure it to adjust the tip, right there where the customer is. While in your establishment you will use Clover Flex on your Wi-Fi, but it is also equipped with wireless 3G for those times when you might be on the road.

Clover Mini is the suites compact counter top POS option that is sleek yet powerful- accepts swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. The Mini offers a small footprint with a big display, designed this way so as to not dwarf your work space if you are operating with limited space. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tiny screen- Clover Mini boasts a large bright touchscreen for it’s size so you can easily see what you’re doing while conducting business. And it comes with a built in receipt printer so you can print receipts on the spot without having another piece of equipment sitting on the counter.

Clover Station– Powerful, productive counter top POS that is a sleek powerhouse of a POS, chock full of functionality and built to be the backbone of your entire system. Embedded with a high resolution camera it can handle all of your QR or barcode scanning needs. Clover Station is equipped with multiple USB ports to enable connectivity with any components you may need. Clover Station paired with the App Marketplace turns your system into a “well oiled multitasking machine” letting you accomplish everything you have ever imagined.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of the functionality capable with the Clover POS system it does reveal how this system can appeal to business owners and entrepreneurs from all professions and every corner of the marketplace.

You just have to decide which solution best fits your business needs as they stand now. Breath a sigh of relief that comes with knowing you’ve purchased a system that is truly moldable and scalable and revel in the beauty of a POS that you can build upon as you build your empire and reach for your dreams. For a deeper dive into how Clover POS can help you shape your future call Bankcard Brokers to speak to one of our trained specialists today!