Are you working with an ISO that hides fees? Isn’t working in the best interest of you OR your client? Do you get calls about “surprise fees” popping up in your merchant’s statements?

We’ve seen a disturbing trend in the industry of late with some hidden and heretofore “not mentioned to the agent” fees that are cropping up on merchant statements. Fees for products or services of “value” is one thing, but when the provider (ISO) cannot explain the service being performed for the dollars being charged we have an issue with that. At Bankcard Brokers we disclose ALL fees and charges right in your schedule A. We NEVER drop a fee on a client that you don’t know about, but more importantly we live by our motto of “transparency” in our pricing and our communications with our Agents AND merchants.

Join a team that gives you what you need to succeed and then doesn’t get in your way while you’re doing just that. We have the tools, the products and the services that our ISO Sales Offices need to be successful, and we’re not too big where we won’t listen to your suggestions and add something new to the mix that makes you more successful. Contact Bankcard Brokers today to see how we can help you exceed your goals.

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