As a salon owner, it’s tough to keep up with the trends in hairstyling, makeup and beauty.  Think about all of the trends in recent years just in hair color – that purple-gray “granny” hair look, the ombre look, different types of highlighting… the list goes on.  And we haven’t even touched upon makeup trends! (That smoky eye look is amazing.)Much like varying hairstyles, there have never been more options to accept credit cards in your salon than there are now. However, some POS products have the ability to not only process payments, but revolutionize your beauty business, save you time and help you make more money.iConnect is a POS company that caters to specific industries such as health and beauty.  Their software offers many features specifically for salons, spas and barbershops.  This is the kind of product that will help improve many aspects of running your salon.iConnect’s software runs on almost any device – they offer an iPad POS, iPhone POS, a web POS that can run in any web browser,  and a Windows POS.There are so many features in iConnect, many designed with health and beauty businesses in mind.  The system allows you to book appointments for your clients and send them reminders.  It also allows you to add customers and add custom notes about them. My hairdresser keeps track of the brand and name of my blonde color in the custom notes. This makes it easy for her to prepare for my appointment.The system also keeps track of inventory. It’s a cloud-based system that allows you to track the product you have in stock.   No more rummaging through the cabinet to see whether or not you have ash blonde in stock – just look it up in iConnect!

You also have the ability to send marketing emails and texts to your customers.  Maybe you are running a special on blowouts during wedding season – it’s simple to send a message to clients to advise them of your promotion.

Have you ever greeted a client and started to head back to a room to do a haircut and color, only to find the room already occupied?  iConnect provides resource management so that you can assign rooms and equipment, and prevent this from happening.

You can manage employees using iConnect also.  Employees can track time and their overall performance. In addition, the software allows for payment at the chair and stylists can manage their booth rental fees and commissions.  This is a great feature that is specifically tailored to the health and beauty industry.

Do your customers want to look at magazines or books for style ideas?  That can often be a daunting task to work with these images.  What about if you showed your customers style ideas from work you’ve actually done?  iConnect has a great feature called LookBook that allows you to do just that.  Real customers. Real styles. Really awesome.

The software can be run for multiple locations, so if you have three salons, you can manage all of the locations using one account.  In addition, iConnect gives you the ability to run useful reports about your business.  You can run reports on client retention, total customers and services provided, as well as many other subjects, all designed to help you improve your bottom line.  Analytics are a great way to identify where improvements in your business processes could be made.

There are many more features to iConnect, such as the ability to have your customers self check in for their appointments, sell and track gift cards, and of course, accept credit cards.  iConnect POS can provide the software and hardware for your salon, and Bankcard Brokers can provide great rates on processing.  Bankcard Brokers will work with you to set up your salon’s credit card processing the way you want it done, whether it’s a separate merchant account for each stylist or one account for the whole salon.  World-class service, meeting specific beauty industry needs and working with software partners – Bankcard Brokers can provide all of this in addition to great rates. It’s easy to get started – Sign Up Today!!!  Fill out the form below and start your FREE trial or just get started with Bankcard Brokers exclusive low rates!

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