Decrease shopping cart abandonment with a website that convertsDid you know that shopping cart abandonment accounts for about 35% of sales losses? Every eCommerce website owner needs to build an eCommerce website that converts sales! If you can make a few tweaks to your site that reduce the incidence that people leave the site without purchasing the items in their cart, you would increase your sales by 35%! 

These steps are super easy, and some of them even seem like common sense. Assuming you actually get your customers to stay on your site long enough in the first place and actually place items in their cart. That’s why we’re going to go over a few simple steps you can put in place that’ll help you have an eCommerce website that converts. 

The sale doesn’t actually happen at the checkout page.

The sale began the moment that customer landed on your website. This is a grossly underappreciated concept. Everything that happens from here on out is gentle guidance to the checkout page. Even the color you choose can soothe or annoy a potential customer.

Website designers understand these concepts, but oftentimes a business owner starting an eCommerce site will find it pretty easy to set up their own website or use a template that comes with their shopping cart.

This is where the problems come in. When you are thinking about creating a website to represent your business visions you need to be thinking about how you can create web pages that convert a browser to a buyer.

All of the SEO, social media, and lead magnets in the world aren’t going to do you any good if once you get that customer to your website they instantly want to leave. 8 seconds. This is the amount of time you have to capture your audience’s attention.

It is incredibly important first to make sure your website design has a professional look. A study done by Stanford University showed that 46.1% of consumers believe that website’s design leads them to decide if the company is a credible company or not. Your website must look professional, be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and be fast.8 seconds. The last thing you want is for them to decide that you are not a trustworthy business to purchase from the second they land on your site.

Make sure you keep in mind not only who is visiting your website, but how they are visiting. 51.3% of worldwide internet usage is now from a mobile device according to StatCounter Global Stats. It is an absolute must that your eCommerce website be mobile-friendly.

Creating an eCommerce website with that converts is easy if you keep a few tips in mind.

Once you get a customer on your website you need to have web pages that convert. First and foremost you might as well resign yourself to the reality that your customer/website visitors are impatient people. They’re not here to just loaf around. They’re looking for a means to an end and hoping you’re the answer to their dreams.

Your website needs to load fast! And I mean fast! Studies have shown that even a 1-second delay in load times can cause people to move on. Talk about impatience! There are a few simple (and free!) tools you can use to see how quickly your site loads. From there you can make a few tweaks to speed up the process and make sure your site is running optimally. Google PageSpeed Insights, Sucuri, and Pingdom among others, are all good (and free) ways to test your page load times.

Besides being both fast and professional-looking, it is also imperative that your site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and the psyche). 38% of people have stated that they will leave a website if it is not attractive. For some reason, people relate boring or ugly to a lack of credibility. If your website looks like you took some time to create it, put thought into how it looks and flows, this somehow relates to how credible of a source it is for whatever the customer is looking for.  An uncluttered design will help to minimize distractions for the customer.

How does an aesthetically pleasing website help conversion rates?

Having an aesthetically pleasing website takes into account what we like to look at, and how we look at it, subconsciously.

Give your website a human element. We like to see emotions in other’s faces that we recognize and can empathize with. Human faces automatically evoke emotion and familiarity in humans. In fact, images, in general, are extremely important to increasing your actual page visits, let alone conversions. But they must be quality images, if you are using low-quality images that are boring or irrelevant you will lose customers. A good place to incorporate images of people is on your landing pages, opt-in pages, and testimonials. But you can also use relative images for product pages. You want your customers to develop a positive association with the content and high-quality photos can help you do that.

People don’t actually read your website. The majority of visitors will actually just skim the site for what they are looking for. It is imperative you create a website that facilitates this. Take care to utilize space to divide elements on a web page, even the text in order to make it easy for the customer to skim or glance around and tell where they need to go quickly.

Use the ‘F Rule’ to create high converting pages.

People tend to start a page looking left to right. We read left to right. But as we go down the page we lose interest a bit and begin to keep our line of sight closer and closer to the left as we move down. This makes the bottom right of the page the least looked at and least noticed portion of the page. If you keep this in mind you’ll see why it is important to put the main goal, your call to action, near the top and at the left of your page.

Science has proved that people do not like having too many choices to make. It gives them an overall sense that it is confusing and difficult. Having a thousand choices in the navigation drop-down menu can overwhelm customers. There is simply just too much to choose from and making a decision is too complicated. Giving people fewer choices to make leads to them making a quicker decision.

Keep your Call To Action consistent throughout.

Make sure you’re keeping in mind the one main objective of each page. If the page is meant to tempt them to join your mailing list, put items in their cart, or create an account for rewards, make sure that is the main point on that page. This limits the choices the customer has to make at that moment and doesn’t distract them with a bunch of other things going on all around the same page.

It is also important where you place this main call to action on the page. There are certain rules of engagement for the human psyche that has been proven. We like to look at things that are interesting, balanced. We like it when our eye is drawn to a particular item that sits on an axis line. Thinking about the rule of thirds, the most interesting points that our brain is attracted to happen when they are placed on the intersections of a tic tac toe board. The left or right intersections but never right smack in the middle. You want your call to action to land here, and limit any other distractions to the eye. This means your navigation bar should be minimal and far away from the particular call to action you are trying to achieve on the page.

Nurture conversion potential with Trust signals and security logos.

As people leaf through the pages on your website you want to be quietly instilling confidence that they are safe to enter their payment information and purchase with you. The best way to do this is to prominently display what is referred to as trust signals and security logos. Prominently displaying logos for Norton Secured, McAfee Secured, even BBB will help to instill that confidence in your shopper. The customer must be able to easily identify that your website is a secure website with SSL certification. The padlock in the address bar and the addition of ‘HTTPS’ to the address will alert the customer that the website is secure and encrypted. Don’t wait to display your security badges and credit card logos till the payment page, include them throughout your website to give the greatest sense of security to your visitors.

Increase conversion rates with just a few tweaks.

Having a website that is a pleasure to leaf through means that potential buyers will spend more time there, feel confident to make a purchase from you, be more likely to visit again, and refer friends and colleagues too. These few tweaks are really not that difficult but can make all the difference in the world to your actual sales conversions. These are all things that people don’t realize but will definitely appreciate, they just won’t know that they are appreciating it, but you will when they complete their purchase a happy customer.

Remember any and all conversions are a win. Whether they grab a free trial or sign up for your newsletter is still a conversion even though they didn’t actually buy anything.

Want more? There are all kinds of tips for eCommerce success (and how not to annoy your shoppers) in our article “Roadmap for eCommerce Success”. Head on over and pick up a few more tidbits.

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