Will mobile payments and pay-at-the-table options help restaurants finally step up and become EMV compliant?

EMV is a global standard. The U.S. has lagged behind most other countries only implementing EMV compliant payment technology since 2015, while the technology has enjoyed widespread adoption across the pond since the early 1990’s. With the roll out of EMV technology there has been a liability shift where fraud is concerned from the card issuer to the merchant when an EMV compatible card is processed through the use of the mag stripe on the back of the card. If there were to be a data breach, the liability would fall on the shoulders of the merchant. Despite this liability shift, restaurants in particular, have been painfully slow in adopting and integrating the new EMV compatible equipment despite that fact that security is of the utmost concern for both the card holder and the establishment.

Believe it or not, many smaller and medium sized restaurants still have not updated to EMV compliant technology.

The main reason restaurants should make a move to mobile or wireless terminals would be to finally become EMV compliant. While larger chains such as BJ’s are capable of making the shift, many smaller establishments operating on tight margins have been reluctant to update to the new technology.

Whether the reluctance has been due to the high cost of upgrading to a new EMV ready POS system or the high costs POS providers charge to integrate new terminals into an existing POS system, restaurant owners may now have new motivation for upgrading their payment technology.

Namely the consumer affinity for mobile devices and cutting edge technology. Among the Millennials and Gen Z consumers there is a growing demand for mobile solutions and on demand payment options. They don’t like to wait, they don’t like friction, but they like to feel in control. Being able to pick up their phone and pay their tab isn’t just a convenience for them, it is almost second hand nature.

Restaurants are looking towards new ways to meet the demands of customers, whether that be through “mobile” or wireless payment terminals, mobile ready payment options, or wireless POS systems.

Take for example the popular brewery chain BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. At all of the brewery’s 202 locations, customers who download the BJ’s app are not only able to earn rewards on their purchases, they are able to pull up and view their tab as well as pay that bill right from the app with their phone using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay and more.

Not all restaurants are able to have their own app. While there are a few apps being created for customers to be able to pay their bill at a given restaurant through the app on their phone, Dash for one,  there has yet to be mass adoption by either consumers or restaurateurs. The best options right now for restaurants who want to step into modern times would be to consider a POS system with wireless terminals, or integrate wireless credit card processing terminals with their current POS system. Even restaurants that do not have a POS system can still benefit from the use of wireless terminals for pay-at-the-table convenience.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of moving to less tethered payment options.

Be untethered-

Wireless terminals allow for accepting payments even when you are on the go- whether that is a server out on the floor of a restaurant or an employee out in the field. These NFC capable terminals are not only already EMV compliant but due to the NFC compatibility they are ready to offer your customer payment options with a simple dip, wave or tap of the EMV credit card or wallet on their mobile device.


Faster service as well as increased table turn-over, in fact table turn has been shown to  increase by 15% according to studies done by software developer Posera.

At the same time, pay-at-the-table allows for servers to spend more time with customers rather than running back and forth to a central terminal.

Quick and painless functionality for split checks and multiple payment types adds convenience for both the customer and the server.

Allows restaurateurs to keep up with consumer demand by accepting emerging payment types.

Mobile terminals can be purchased with our without a receipt printer. If you choose a terminal without a paper receipt you will be able to not only save money on thermal paper, but also help to save the environment.

Email receipt capabilities not only allow the restaurant to lower its use of paper, decreasing waste, but also simplifies the customer’s accounting process since emailed receipts are better for expense reporting software.

Security- the whole point of EMV compliance.

Wireless terminals issued today are all EMV compliant so establishments can take advantage of new more secure payment processing.

POS systems that include portable tablets and card readers are also already EMV compliant. Yea for upgrading!!

Customers feel more confident since their credit card never leaves their sight. They don’t even have to have one on them with the mobile wallet and an NFC capable terminal.

In addition, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and the like use biometric information or passwords to securely store and transmit credit card numbers.

Mobile wallets use dynamic digital data to create unique encryption for each transaction, so you no longer store actual credit card numbers, further lending to transactions being much more secure than the old mag stripe.

Whether you need a whole new POS system with portable terminals, new wireless credit card processing terminals, or a payment for app integration Bankcard Brokers has exactly what you need to outfit your establishment. We have options for all types of business models whether it is for fine dining, quick serve or food trucks we will make sure you can meet the expectations of the current consumer. Not only can our equipment provide you with lightning fast transactions, but we also promise transparent, competitive rates on top of our world class service. We know it is a measured decision who you entrust with your daily payment transactions which is why every one of our staff are ETA Certified Payment Professionals. ETA Certification ensures that you are working with a professional dedicated to maintain a thorough knowledge of their profession, to conduct themselves with personal integrity as well as abide by the Electronic Transaction Association’s Code of Conduct.

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