As a business owner, one of the first things to take into consideration when it comes to conducting daily business is what type of POS system should be invested in to manage the business, if any at all.

But maybe what you should be considering is a system that is not just a POS but an entire business management system that not only serves as a “point of sale” but also helps you run, manage and market your business more productively.

Enter Clover Station- the creme de la creme of POS systems.

Some POS systems feature specific functions that apply to a very specific market and others are built to accommodate many different business models, but few are built with the functionality, manageability, scalability and attention to detail that you will find with Clover Station and the Clover suite of solutions.

Imagine a world where your POS system not only facilitates the everyday transactions involved in doing business but also goes even further to increase the level of security measures involved in those transactions. One that includes features that help you increase those sales as well as overall productivity, and then top it all off with feature rich business management capabilities to round it all out nicely.

This is where the Clover suite of POS solutions excels. With solutions intelligently designed to mold to each individual business type coupled with components intended to build upon each other Clover is uniquely suited for businesses of all sizes and in many industries.

Let us touch on a few of the built in capabilities that make Clover such a workhorse.

  • Accept multiple types of payments: EMV-enabled chip reader, tap-to-pay contactless NFC capabilities with encryption for mobile wallets, Apple Pay/Android Pay, eCheck acceptance.
  • Enhanced security through End-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and continuous and automatic PCI-DSS compliance
  • Real time inventory tracking including “Returns” app to ensure returned/exchanged items are added back into the inventory database in real time.
  • Nutshell” provides key operational data, such as current revenue or average customer spend.
  • Automatic Reports” takes the data accumulated and automatically creates daily reports for your viewing convenience
  • Marketing tools: Transaction reporting that gives unique insight into the data sales generate helping to create a more effective marketing plan by tapping into the trends and customer patterns that drive your sales
  • Integrates with barcode scanners, weight scales and many other devices.
  • Invoicing-create and send invoices inside your online Clover account
  • Employee activity tracker
  • Fingerprint reader (for employees)
  • Integrates with your current accounting software-export those reports for faster payroll, accounting and taxes
  • Automate tax payments
  • Cloud based operating system allows you to conduct business anywhere (even when the internet goes down)
  • App Market to easily expand features
  • Marketing, social media and email campaigns through Customer Engagement App
  • All changes sync across devices in real time
  • Further customize your workstation with accessories, such as printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and more

Is there some specific functionality you need? Just visit the Clover® App Market. It is chock full of helpful applications to further streamline your business management. The market is constantly updated by developers to ensure they are always meeting the business owner’s needs. 

Customize Clover to meet your unique business needs.

Clover offers five options that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to create a robust system that was designed to sync with one another seamlessly for a custom fit for your business needs.

Clover Station

With Clover Station’s sleek design you won’t need to sacrifice space to benefit from a vast array of features. Featuring a pivoting touchscreen display, just turn and give customers the power to sign right on the screen. Station comes straight out of the box ready to use and equipped with a high speed scanning camera, built-in card reader with encryption, cash drawer and a coordinated printer, all with no extra costs or hidden fees.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini gives you robust POS capabilities displayed in a sleek package features a built in printer so there is no need for extra equipment. Until you need it. The ability to add more components as you need them means it can grow and change alongside your business as it grows.

Clover Mobile

Looking for a POS that moves wherever you take your business? Clover Mobile is fully portable and mobile making it perfect for on the go business models such as food trucks, farmers markets and festivals, trade shows, pay-at-the-table restaurants, or anywhere you want to reach customers while in line. Whether you want to order and pay at the table in a restaurant or you run a food truck you will find the features and portability give you everything you need in a tight little package.

Clover Flex

The Flex is the answer for handheld portable mobile terminal capabilities out on the floor. This little guy gives you the ability to be where your customers are. Hand it over and let them dip, swipe and sign right then and there. Equipped with a built-in receipt printer and scanner with cellular and WiFi connectivity offers all the functionality of the larger solutions in an easy to carry device.

Clover Go

Contactless Reader that allows you to use your own smartphone or tablet to access the CloverGo App and take payments all over the world without sacrificing security. Accept secure credit card payments with EMV chip dips, and contactless NFC capabilities for mobile wallets (Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™ and Android Pay™) and send customer receipts through Email or text receipt functions.

Is Clover Station right for your business?

The Clover suite of POS solutions is incredibly intuitive and user friendly for employees so there is little learning curve to get them confident using the system quickly. Clover® is an incredibly dynamic platform that was created to allow the technology to continue evolving with time and customer’s needs.

The flexibility that is afforded with it’s various configurations makes Clover POS the answer for many types of business models without trying to  being one size fits all. It’s no wonder it has become the go-to solution for discerning business owners. To find out which configuration is most suited to your business needs give Bankcard Brokers a call today and speak to one of our ETA Certified Payments Professionals.