Build it and they will come. In today’s world consumers have so many choices of where and how they want to shop for their goods, you can no longer just open the doors and assume your customers will come and you can just sit back and let the business do its thing.  It’s not enough to just assume your business is growing just because you just had the best sales month of the year, or wonder why sales are down when you have a slow one. In this age of fierce competition knowledge is power. But what kind of knowledge and how are you getting that knowledge?

Well if you had Clover Point of Sale with Insightics and Perks as your business partner you would have all of the knowledge and power a business owner could ask for. You would have a partner who knows exactly what kind of information you need and exactly how and when to deliver it to you to seal your success. Clover isn’t just an all-in-one point of sale and payments system. It is the premier all-in-one point of sale system with kick-ass features you shouldn’t be running your business without. Of course it’s a multitasking pro that can accept all payment types, speed transactions and simplify daily tasks all coupled with a state-of-the-art security package. But did you know it is also a marketing genius?

Why would you ever try to run a business without the revealing sales analysis you need right at your fingertips helping you to make better decisions?

What if you had a business partner who knew your clientele intimately, could tell you all of their secrets and inform you of everything to do with how they want to buy, what they like to buy and when they buy it? Well that’s exactly what you will get with Clover® Insights robust sales analysis for small business, all packaged neatly in an easy to use software that is incredibly powerful.

Inightics allows you to harnesses your own transaction data to give you an in depth look at how your business is performing.  Insightics tracks sales trends as well as the buying trends of your customer so you can more effectively market to them. All of the information is analyzed and used to offer personalized recommendations on the best ways to target your marketing, bring in new business and see where your efforts are having the most success. Armed with this type of information you are better equipped to make changes that will improve your results as needed.

Use your own real time payment data to formulate the information that will help you identify promising new opportunities that you can then use to focus your marketing and growth. Your newfound assistant will identify trends and benchmarking that make tracking your business’ performance over time a breeze.

How does being armed with this data help you to market better?

Clover Insightics provides you with data about your customers that you may not previously thought important. Everything from what part of town you draw most of your customers to whether or not your sales are affected by the weather to comparing your results to other like businesses in your neighborhood.

You will learn about customer behavior and buying habits and be able to segment them into categories such as new, repeat or local, so that you can specify marketing efforts more accurately to each category.

Rewards are not just for your customers, they benefit your business too.

Then armed with all of your new found secrets you can begin to reward your customers with Clover Perks. Offering rewards to your best customers not only allows you to connect with your customers but also create stronger relationships with them. A strong customer relation is what creates loyal customers.

Business owners use the sales analytics derived from Insightics to reveal customer preferences and identify which types of perks are the most popular then use that information to tailor their Perks to the business. Rewards are completely customizable to fit your customer’s tastes and make for a more personal experience while still being able to complement your own marketing goals.

This isn’t a set it and forget it type of rewards system, and that’s a good thing. Easily creating new offers any time it is slow or you find yourself with a surplus of inventory, puts you in charge and allows you to bring in business anytime you want.

Perks are also easy for your customers too, with seamless automatic check-ins when they enter your store. The idea is to build customer loyalty and turn an otherwise occasional shopper into a loyal return customer. We will even supply you with all of the materials and promotional signage you need to tell your customers what they could be enjoying.  This is just a taste of the extra features merchants can benefit from with the Clover Point of Sale system.

Ready to take your business to the new heights?   At Bankcard Brokers our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations because we recognize what an integral part  dependable and affordable merchant services play in the success of your business. Together, Bankcard Brokers and Clover offer the most reliable and transparent payment processing coupled with the most intuitive software to arm you with the a deeper understanding of your business efforts.

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