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Increase eCommerce Traffic And Conversions – 7 Steps

Increase eCommerce Traffic And Conversions by Following Seven Easy Steps What’s the best way to increase your revenues and help your business grow? Find ways to drive more eCommerce traffic and convert, of course! But you can’t drive traffic to your site if people don’t know who you are. So you have to find more […]

Time To Upgrade Your Credit Card Terminals? [3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts]

Is it time to update your credit card terminals? If you’re still swiping cards on your clunky old dinosaur of a terminal it might be time to think about an upgrade. I’m sure the old guy still gets the job done, but at what cost? There are many downsides to sticking with old equipment, some […]

Acquiring Business Capital Through Merchant Cash Advance

What do most business owners do when they decide its time to expand? They start looking into an SBA loan or go straight to their bank to apply for a business loan. Unfortunately, there are many difficulties when it comes to acquiring business capital. SBA loans are notoriously hard to qualify for. Big bank loans […]

Contactless Payments for Retail During Coronavirus

Contactless Payments for Retail During Coronavirus Just as the U.S. lagged behind other countries like Europe, Australia, and Canada in our adoption of EMV secure standards for many years, so are we way behind in our adoption of the use of contactless payments for retail during coronavirus. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EU is […]

Payment Processing During Coronavirus

Payment Processing During Coronavirus – A Brave New World, Same Trusted Steps Brick-and-mortar is hurting right now. Having to shutter doors to help curb the spread of a global pandemic isn’t easy. Regardless, companies are finding ways to conduct business, even in adverse times. But, they may have forgotten to update their merchant account to […]

Payroll Protection Plan and Interchange Adjustments

In these tumultuous times, the Bankcard Brokers team is doing our best to share what we know to help you weather the storm.  Our focus is always on providing the tools and information to make your business better and more profitable.  This week there have been 2 significant developments for businesses. The Payroll Protection Program. […]

7 Ways A Great POS Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

For many retailers, the upcoming holiday season will bring the biggest sales opportunity of the whole year and along with it, a ton of stress. The main goal for most retail business owners is to maximize their sales opportunities during this time of the year and close out the year with a bang! The good […]