The shipment of Maine lobster didn’t come in on time… the chocolate mousse cake isn’t silky smooth… the host booked three parties of 15, all at 6:30 pm! Yikes! There’s plenty to worry about in the day-to-day operations of running a restaurant.  However, accepting credit card payments shouldn’t be one of them.  With Breadcrumb Point of Sale, restaurateurs can worry less about their payment processing and more about making delicious food that keeps customers coming back for more!

Bankcard Brokers proudly offers Breadcrumb Point of Sale software to customers seeking a robust restaurant POS with an incredible array of features.

Breadcrumb is a cloud based POS system and runs on an Ipad, making it easy to use for most restaurant staff.  It does more than simply accept credit card payments – it creates checks, sends orders to the kitchen and takes credit card payments.  It has the ability to split checks easily and menu items can be added or removed quickly.   You can even write special notes on orders, which are seen by the kitchen staff.  Servers can notate a food allergy, how a steak should be cooked or even if a particular guest is a VIP.   Well… every guest should be treated like a VIP, but you get the picture – Breadcrumb is created with the modifiers you need to make your kitchen run smoothly and reduce mistakes.

Another important component of Breadcrumb is that it is EMV compliant.

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa and is the new standard in credit card processing.  Businesses who want to avoid liability on fraudulent transactions should insure that they are using EMV compliant terminals.

Breadcrumb is more than just a restaurant POS – it’s a game changer in the fine dining world.

The software can provide in depth reporting on almost all aspects of your business. Total sales, guest counts, check counts, labor data and menu data – all of this data is available for reporting.  Want to know how that new chicken dish is selling?  How about if you’re running low on your famous apple pie cheesecake?  What about labor costs? Breadcrumb tracks this data and more to help you not only manage your payments processing, but important aspects of running your restaurant.  Analytics are a hot trend in many industries right now, and it’s easy to see why – gathering business data and generating reports helps a business make better decisions. With Breadcrumb, you’ll gain insights that can lead to better decisions on what to offer in your restaurant, how to price it, and how to improve the overall guest experience.

There are numerous other features of Breadcrumb that restaurants of all sizes will find useful.   It has an easy to use interface, and customers are able to make payments by signing on screen.  There’s even a customizable suggested tip table.  Guests (and servers) love not having to think about calculating a tip percentage right after enjoying a delicious meal!

With Breadcrumb’s subscription service there are no large up front costs or service contracts!

Breadcrumb has a subscription option so you don’t have to front the costs of several iPads, there are flexible pricing options available which include the required hardware.  No more worrying about new software licensing fees, huge hardware expenses, or annual service contracts – it’s all included!

The application integrates with many other software packages such as Quickbooks for accounting, Avero for additional restaurant analytics, TCC for gift cards and loyalty programs, and binwise for beverage sales optimization.

Bankcard Brokers are a preferred partner and representative with Breadcrumb.  We can work with your restaurant to get you set up quickly and efficiently.  Setting the system up takes hours, not weeks.   You’ll be up and running quickly, perhaps even in time for the dinner rush!

We love restaurants and restaurant owners at Bankcard Brokers! Whether you’re a food truck, fine dining establishment, cozy pub or a multi location eatery, Bankcard Brokers wants to be your go to partner for payment processing.  We offer competitive pricing, and we keep up with industry trends and regulations.  All of our countertop terminals are EMV compliant, and our payment gateway is secure and safe.

Contact Bankcard Brokers today and let us work hard for you, so that you can worry about the important things, like… what’s for dessert?

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