When business owner Shannon Seip moved her health-food café from Wisconsin to Seattle, switching to an iPad-based point of sale system was “a cost-saving no-brainer.” And she’s not the only one who thinks so.

Mobile point of sale is “the single fastest moving trend in retail since internet was added to the stores,” says Forbes. The world’s mobile POS terminals more than doubled between 2011 and 2012. By the following year, nearly three out of 10 North American retailers planned to transition to mobile point of sale systems. Today, some surveys estimate adoption has reached as high as 40 percent.

Going mobile has certainly paid off for many businesses. One study found that mobile point of sale users increased their revenues by more than 15 percent during a time when other businesses nationwide saw a .6 percent drop.

To help more small and mid-size businesses reap these benefits, Bankcard Brokers has partnered with iConnect to provide a mobile POS system that turns any iPad, iPhone or computer into a modern-day cash register. By combining the power of mobile technology with the versatility of the cloud, iConnect delivers the ideal point of sale system for a variety of businesses, including:


  • Startups
  • Mall kiosks and carts
  • Retail locations
  • Quick-serve restaurants
  • Salons and spas
  • Vendors that regularly sell at markets

Just how does mobile POS help businesses increase revenue? For starters, it allows entrepreneurs to:


Make smarter business decisions.

With all of their sales and customer data in one place, business owners can analyze on the fly what’s working and what isn’t. For example, mobile POS users can find out with just a few taps which products are selling and which ones are wasting counter space. Managers can compare sales volume with employee schedules to determine optimal staffing levels throughout the day. You can also instantly run reports on customer retention, employee performance and more.

Juggle multiple locations.

Managing a business with more than one storefront is easier than ever. The cloud-based iConnect system sharescustomer and product information between locations so receipts, loyalty points and gift cards are no longer tied to a specific retail outlet. With QuickBooks integration, owners can manage inventory and run in-depth, real-time reports for each location individually, or compare the performance of multiple storefronts—all from any device, anywhere.

Cultivate return customers.

Mobile POS systems empower sales associates to provide a more streamlined customer experience. Transactions can be processed anywhere in the store, potentially allowing customers to skip the frustration of waiting in line. If a product isn’t available on the floor, sales reps can sell goods directly from the online store and have them delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Plus, the iConnect system makes it easy to implement robust, integrated customer loyalty programs to help keep customers coming back.

Reduce employee training costs.

The process of hiring and training employees is expensive. Our easy-to-use mobile point of sale system shortens the learning curve for new employees, most of whom already know how to use an iPad or smartphone. Companies save time and money by not having to train employees on a traditional POS.

Choosing the right point of sale system can mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. As more companies switch to mobile, those who don’t may soon find themselves left behind. Don’t be one of them— Contact Bankcard Brokers today to schedule an iConnect consultation and begin your free trial. Fill out the form below and one of our POS specialists will contact you shortly!

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