Payday Loan and Cash Advance services all too often have trouble collecting timely payments because they are denied merchant services.  Bankcard Brokers proudly announces the availability of PIN Debit services for Cash Advance and Payday Loan businesses.  The ability to debit card payments in the Cash Advance and Payday loan industry is pivotal in increasing your cash flow, security, and the amount of loans you are able to sell.  Consumers expect to be able to use their credit and debit cards just about everywhere, but how many hours have you spent filling out merchant services applications just to get turned down?  Well Bankcard Brokers is very happy to bring a transparent and bank backed solution that will give your Payday loan or Cash Advance business an edge on the competition!

The time, energy, and money you spend on chasing down payments can be greatly alleviated by offering your clients a fast, secure, and traceable way to make payments.  Being able to accept debit card payments is not only fast and secure but it is expected by today’s consumer.  This convenient payment method will help to legitimize the professionalism of your store and increase the efficiency of your collection efforts.  

Security is always a paramount concern for Payday Loan businesses due to the fact that they tend to be all cash businesses which can make them a target for criminals.  By accepting debit cards you can greatly reduce your cash on hand while appreciating the convenience of automatic deposits into your business bank account.  This helps to keep your store, it’s employees, and clients safe.

Your Cash Advance or Payday Loan store depends on closing deals.  When customers hear that they will have to make a trip to bank (to withdraw their payment) and to your store to make a payment that can seem like a lot extra work and send them walking to your competitor’s store.  By showing that you can offer multiple payment methods that are convenient and secure customers will feel more comfortable that your loan process will work to benefit their lives.  
If your Payday Loan or Cash Advance service would like to accept PIN debit card payments contact Bankcard Brokers Today!

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