If you’re not looking to increase sales and gain new customers don’t read this!

We’re smack in the middle of the largest gift card buying time of the year! Did you know that gift card giving accounts for $100 billion in sales annually? But more importantly half of all of those sales happen during the holiday season. And 50% of all gift card sales happen during these months. In fact, gift cards have been the most requested gift for more than a decade? Gift card giving has been steadily increasing every single year and  estimates showed that sales associated with gift cards in 2018 would reach $160 billion.

With this being your biggest sales quarter of the year, it is the perfect time to take advantage and grab your own share of those gift card sales. Why not consider selling your own store branded gift cards? Of course you accept all gift cards already, but what will really drive consumers to purchasing from you? Offering your own store-branded gift cards means that your loyal customers have an easier way to share their favorite store with loved ones. It also ensures those loved ones, aka new loyal customers, experience your goods! Anyone can give a Visa gift card, but then that gift card does nothing to drive consumers to your store! Only your own store-branded gift card can do that!

What are the benefits of having your own personal gift cards?

The first and most obvious benefit is increased sales. Let’s count the ways:

  1. Gift certificates are nice, but gift cards are nicer. Studies show that consumers are 30-50% more likely to buy a gift card than a paper gift certificate. A well-placed gift card program entices your customers to make their gift card purchase from your store.
  2. Every current customer is an opportunity to gain a second customer. Store branded gift cards drive business directly to your store, unlike a traditional open Visa or MasterCard gift card that does nothing to help you increase your following.
  3. Because you can use them in marketing promotions, such as customer contests and giveaways, as non-profit donations and in email promotions used to show your customer appreciation, you give your customers more ways to think about you and turn to your business for their gift giving needs.
  4. You could even achieve higher sales than just the value of the gift card being redeemed as well. Studies show that people spend on average about 38% more when using a gift card.
  5. Give your customers exactly what they are looking for! Gift cards have proven to be a quick and efficient way for busy shoppers to accomplish gift giving needs, especially when they are buying one from a store that they already know and love. It’s an opportunity to show your customers that you’ve got their back!
  6. A store-branded gift card is THE answer to the thoughtless “I didn’t know what to get you” basic gift card.  It enables your loyal customers to introduce loved ones to their favorite things. They automatically convey more sentiment than a boring Visa or MasterCard gift card. When your customer is able to give someone a gift card from your store they are telling that person they know them and know what they will love! This allows your customers to be so much more personal with their gift giving.
  7. Gift cards are practically a walking billboard. Because your gift cards are uniquely designed to speak to your own personal store they are a walking advertisement for you. They help you to get your brand not only advertised but recognized. In marketing a retail business branding is everything.


You know your customers are going to buy a gift card for someone this holiday season, why not entice them to buy that gift card from you?

How can Bankcard Brokers help you with your gift cards?

We can have your gift cards designed and ordered within 72 hours, depending on artwork, but this is not a time for procrastination! They typically take a few weeks for the order to be completed and delivered. If you are stumped or need a little guidance we can help you design your theme so your store branded gift card really speaks to what your business truly is so that it is like walking billboard for you. We can help you with displays, signage and flyers to help make your gift cards noticeable to your customers without being overbearing.

Gift card programs come with simple reporting features allow for up to date reporting of how many gift cards have been sold and how many have been redeemed. Reports are also customizable to your businesses particular needs and can even include demographics for better marketing efforts.

Prefer E-gift cards for your Ecommerce store? We can do that! People are busy these days and the holidays increase that tenfold. Having E-gift cards available for your customers makes it quick and easy for them to treat their loved ones that may be far away. The convenience of an E-gift card is what the recipient will love most though. Especially Millennials! They love their technology and knowing the gift card is stored securely in their phone for whenever they are ready to use it is exactly the gift they were hoping for.

If you’re ready to increase sales, attract new customers and separate yourself from the competition then get started now! There’s no time to waste! The holidays are fast upon us and you will want to have your personally branded gift cards with custom graphics ready for the season and Bankcard Brokers has everything you need to get started right away! Just give us a call and see how rewarding it is to experience the Bankcard Brokers difference!