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Credit Card Fees Are Expensive, Merchants Are Fighting Back

And winning. A trend is sweeping the nation and that trend is that merchants are getting tired of how much it costs them to accept credit cards. Merchants are beginning to stand up fight for the right to pass on the costs of accepting credit cards to their customers by introducing a credit card surcharge […]

Credit Card Surcharges- The Hype And The Low Down

Surcharging VS Cash discount – pros/cons should your business do it? While credit card surcharging seems to be all over payments news lately it really is nothing new. We have been talking about and working towards educating our clients about the option for credit card surcharging as well as better alternatives for quite some time […]

Eliminate Credit Card Fees? Yes. Yes You Can.

Could the idea of lowering, or even eliminating, your credit card fees be more than just a pipe dream? Is there a world where the costs associated with merchants accepting credit cards, and customers enjoying the convenience of using their credit cards, are bore more equally? There was a time when consumers paid with both […]

CC Surcharge- Help Your Bottom Line Or Hurt Your Reputation?

  What is a credit card surcharge and how did it come about? As we get closer to a cashless society, as more and more people stray away from using cash on an everyday basis and pulling out the plastic is commonplace, merchants have had to keep up with the times. If you don’t accept […]