Your Comprehensive Guide to Credit Card Surcharging

What is credit card surcharging? And is it the right move for your business model?  The fact is, it costs money for merchants to accept credit cards as a form of payment. If you own a business that charges consumers for your products or services, you know this. But many consumers don’t really think about […]

Shopping Cart Abandonment DURING COVID-19

Shopping Cart Abandonment DURING COVID-19 has declined. eCommerce conversion rates have increased. Shopping cart abandonment is always top of mind for eCommerce merchants. But a lot has changed in 2020. Everything about how we work, how we shop, and how we buy consumer goods is different from any time before. While many of the problems […]

Understand Your Credit Card Processing Statements and Pricing: Part 2 – Pricing Structures

Understand Your Credit Card Processing Statements In last week’s article, we described the various players involved with processing credit card payments for merchants. We also talked about what rates they charge you and whether you have any control over the fees. If you haven’t read it, you can do so right here. It’s a great […]

Understand Your Credit Card Statement And Processing Fees Part 1 – The Players

The credit card processing industry is made up of a web of banks, financial services, networks, software companies, and consumers. For every payment transaction completed, there are a half dozen players involved and charging you for their services. Understanding credit card processing fees and how they work can be confusing, especially if you’re not in […]

Merchant Account Processing Rates

Understanding Merchant Account Processing Rates Businesses are always looking for the lowest credit card processing rates they can get. One can hardly blame them. It’s expensive to accept credit cards. At the same time, salesmen are eager to constantly sign new accounts and build their portfolio. Sometimes they even have monthly minimums they have to […]

Understand Credit Card Processing Rates

Understand Credit Card Processing Rates – Watch Out for Hidden Fees and Sudden Changes I’m sure you’ve been there. You open your monthly credit card processing statement and almost faint when you see how much you’re being charged. Shocker! Your credit card processing company has raised your rates! Again. When did that happen? Likely there […]