Why Do You Need A Credit Card Processor?

Accept credit cards

And What Do They Do For Me Anyway? As a merchant, have you ever wondered how credit card processing really works? Or why you need a credit card processor? Probably not. But, what you probably have wondered, at least once in your life as a business owner, is why you have to pay so much […]

Big Data-Small Business: Customer Data Provides Powerful Marketing Resources

How small businesses can use big data from their merchant services to grow

SMBs should be using their data to drive business. These days it is common knowledge that big data is a humongous resource for businesses. Large corporations are utilizing the data they collect, and even buy, to their advantage to market more effectively to consumers and achieve exponential growth. But it hasn’t necessarily become common for […]

PCI Compliance – Do It Right, Avoid Paying Non-Compliance Fees

Data security best practices

What is PCI Compliance, and why do merchants have to do it? The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets the standards for security when processing payment card transactions. PCI compliance refers to the steps that merchants take to maintain the security standards set for accepting card payments. Every merchant who wants to accept any kind of […]

7 Ways A Great POS System Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

Let your POS help you rake in more holiday sales

For many retailers, the holiday season brings the biggest sales of the whole year. And along with it, a ton of stress.  Most retail business owner’s primary goal is to maximize their sales opportunities during this time of the year and close out the year with a bang! The good news is, holiday retail sales […]

Social Media Management: 10 Tips To Productively Handle Negativity

Social Media Management

In this time of ultra-connectivity through multitudes of social media avenues, businesses are more directly connected to customers than ever before. Social Media furnishes us with an avenue to not only connect, but engage our customers and establish trust.  In fact, they expect businesses to engage with them. Today, social media management is as much […]

QR Code Contactless Payments – Step Up Your Payments Game

QR code contactless payments

Is QR code technology the next wave in contactless payment convenience? Is it time for merchants to enable payments through a simple scan of a QR code?  Not surprisingly, the U.S. has been slower to adopt newer digital payment methods than other economically fast-growing countries.  Europe and many major Asian countries have readily adopted various […]