7 Ways A Great POS System Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

For many retailers, the holiday season brings the biggest sales of the whole year. And along with it, a ton of stress.  Most retail business owner’s primary goal is to maximize their sales opportunities during this time of the year and close out the year with a bang! The good news is, holiday retail sales […]

Social Media Management: 10 Tips To Productively Handle Negativity

Social Media Management

In this time of ultra-connectivity through multitudes of social media avenues, businesses are more directly connected to customers than ever before. Social Media furnishes us with an avenue to not only connect, but engage our customers and establish trust.  In fact, they expect businesses to engage with them. Today, social media management is as much […]

QR Code Contactless Payments – Step Up Your Payments Game

Is QR code technology the next wave in contactless payment convenience? Is it time for merchants to enable payments through a simple scan of a QR code?  Not surprisingly, the U.S. has been slower to adopt newer digital payment methods than other economically fast-growing countries.  Europe and many major Asian countries have readily adopted various […]

Consequences of High Chargeback Ratios- Part 2-Chargeback Prevention

Most business owners know that a high chargeback ratios hurt their profit margins. But what they may not realize is that more than 80% of claims filed are attributed to “friendly fraud”. In other words, only about 20% of chargebacks claimed are because of actual theft and use of stolen credentials. This means that your […]

Consequences-High Chargeback Ratios Part 1

High chargeback ratios come with consequences.

As a business owner accepting payments, you’ve probably heard the term “chargeback ratio”. And you may even know what it means for your business. IF you happen to be operating in the Ecommerce realm, you are most likely highly aware of the dreaded chargeback. And you undoubtedly understand the ramifications a high ratio can have […]

EMV Payments and Chargebacks

Why businesses should meet EMV payments standards, and why consumers should adopt it with open arms. It’s been five years since the new EMV payments rules went into effect, shifting fraud liability from card issuing banks to merchants that are not EMV compatible. While adoption is growing among merchants and consumers, saturation is still not […]

How To Reduce Refunding Fraud And Still Serve Your Customers

The latest trend in friendly fraud is “refunding fraud” and it’s anything but friendly. Merchants are bleeding from an elusive threat that is growing to organized crime ring proportions. Return and refund fraud is alive and well in these times of increased digital commerce. And it’s going to cost merchants billions if they don’t find […]

Hosted Payment Pages for eCommerce

Nothing in history has had a greater effect on eCommerce sales more than the Covid pandemic. eCommerce stores are opening at a staggering rate. Brick and mortar stores are either moving online or adding an eCommerce option to their site. In fact, eCommerce has seen an impressive 149% growth in online orders overall. If you’re […]

Recurring Billing and Subscription Payments Merchant Account For e-Commerce

Signing customers up for an ongoing monthly subscription can provide a business with much needed consistent and predictable income. Unfortunately, recurring billing comes with two key challenges. Consumer perception and increased risk of chargebacks. For subscription companies this adds up to the need for a recurring billing, high-risk merchant account.  Within the very recent past, […]