First, What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

And why do I need one?


Think of merchant accounts like life insurance. If you’re young, healthy and don’t engage in overtly risky activities or have a dangerous job, you’ll have the lowest rates and require a standard policy.

But if you’re older, a lifetime smoker and ride motorcycles and work on an oil platform, you’d have an expensive and perhaps restrictive life insurance policy, and perhaps even a specialized life insurance agent.

Merchant accounts and life insurance are based significantly on risky how risky it would be to do business with you. Are you a typical vanilla operation, or are you on the fringe of what’s considered safe or acceptable to society. Do you sell worms or weapons? 

And so it is with credit card processing. You’re either a low risk or a high risk operation, and everything from your pricing, banks and contracts will be in accord with that risk profile.

But a high risk designation is not only dependent on what you sell. It can be how you sell it (online, in person or on the phone), and how you structure your return policies, and how many (if any) previous customers have made chargebacks and contested a purchase from you in the past.

You’ll also find your credit history is fair game, and so is the history of your previous businesses. These can all combine to create a low or high risk profile, and your merchant account and payment processing will all be part of the equation.

Click here for more details on what makes a business “high risk.

How to find a High Risk Merchant Account Provider

Well, you’re in the right place. Bankcard Brokers is one of the leading payment processing agencies in the United States. Get in touch with us and we’ll do a free, no obligation risk profile review and will get you taking low risk or high risk payments in no time – and at the best rates.

Get in Touch!

It's all about Trust

Payment processing can be a murky place with predatory agents. Do your research, ask for references, search the web. Ensure that the broker specializes in High Risk industries and has clear pricing, transparent statements and is willing to spend time getting to know you and your business. And if their website looks home-made and low quality, you may be able to expect the same of their service.

Know Your Business

You might think you’ll be able to processing using Square or PayPal, but they have long and restrictive lists of prohibited products. Cross check your store or services – you may find yourself stuck if you haven’t done your diligence. You’ll also find that – low or high risk – we would be able to provide you lower rates than Square and options that are custom tailored to your business such as ACH.

Make the Call

Contact Bankcard Brokers to discuss your business.One of our CTA CPP certified agents will provide you a free, no-obligation quote and let you know where you stand on the low/high risk merchant account spectrum. We’ll do an initial pre-approval process to get the ball rolling, with more detailed documentation and review to follow.

Merchant Account Application:

Get Organized

Don’t Jump Around

Sure, you want to shop around for the best rates for your merchant account – but don’t drop applications like they’re confetti. Agents will see your multiple applications and think you’re a “Merchant in Distress” who may have suddenly lost their processing – not a good sign when you’re trying to look your best.


Find an agent you like and stick with them. Bankcard Broker’s agents will watch your account closely with a long-term relationship in mind. If they find a better solution or lower rates they’ll let you know and help you make the switchl

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If you receive more than 1% chargebacks, you can lose your merchant account. A Bankcard Brokers agent will help you minimize chargebacks or help you set up redundancies in the event your payment processing goes down.

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Complete, 100%  transparency is what you’ll receive from Bankcard Brokers. From clear pricing with no hidden fees to monthly statements that are easy to understand, you’ll be able to rest easy that you’re not being overcharged and that you’re in control of your account.

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What Will I Need for my Application?

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