Do I Need a High Risk Merchant Account?

Though you may not consider your business to be “high risk,” banks may think differently.  This can dictate what kind of merchant account eligibility you’ll find. You’ll need a merchant account provider specialized in navigating the complexities of high risk payment processing, starting with helping you understand why you’re high risk – or if you’ve been placed in that category by mistake or a bad actor

Many merchants who have been told they are high risk and are paying high fees are often just with the wrong provider. 

Whether we find you are low risk or most certainly high, with decades of experience and dozens of bank relationships, we will consult with you to guide you to the best possible merchant account for your business.

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Short List of High Risk Industries

Here’s some of the most common high risk merchants we work with. If you need processing for your business, or are not sure where you stand, contact us for a no-obligation review of your business. We’ll help you understand how the banks view your industry, learn about your history, and help you find the right processor for your high risk business.

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Smoke Shop Merchant Accounts

How to get processing when half the products in your store are high risk? Head/smoke shop payment processing is tough. We know the industry and get you a merchant account  

Adult Merchant Account

The Adult Industry is one of the fastest growing, highest volume, and most popular membership industries in the country. Trust us to get you a merchant account for your adult business.

Bail Bond Merchant Accounts

Providing Bail Bonds service is an essential need in just about every town across the country and the ability for a Bail Bonds service to accept credit cards is a must.

Firearm Merchant Accounts

Has your firearms merchant account been shut down or app to accept credit cards been decined? We are proud members of the NRA, and we can get you payment processing.

Travel Merchant Accounts

Travel is considered a high risk industry due to a high potential of chargebacks, refund requests and cancellations. Previous offshore solutions were expensive and unreliable. Allow us to place your travel business in a domestic account with the lowest rates.

Tech Support Merchant Accounts

Domestic or offshore, your Tech Support business is lucrative but with small margins. You need a payment processing that makes taking credit cards second nature, while preserving your profits.

Neutrceutical Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts for Nutraceuticals such as supplements and enhancement are hard to acquire. Thankfully we have all the solutions required that understand the unique risks involved.

Fantasy Sports Merchant Accounts

We understand your business model and can provide the best available payment processing services for your fantasy sports league.