We work with banks worldwide to ensure a dependable high risk merchant account credit card solution for your business.

Though you may not consider your business to be “high risk,” banks may think differently.  This can dictate what kind of merchant account eligibility you’ll find. You’ll need a merchant account provider specialized in navigating the complexities of high risk payment processing.  We often find that merchants who have been told they are high risk and are paying high fees are often just with the wrong provider.  With decades of experience and dozens of bank relationships, we will consult with you to guide your business to the best possible solution.

High risk merchant services is not a cut and dry industry. 

All too often other merchant account providers say you’re high risk just to capitalize on higher rates and margins.  It is true, that some industries or merchant processing histories are truly high risk.  Truly high risk merchant accounts will pay higher rates and fees than a traditional business to compensate banks for increased risk exposure.  However, our experience and provider credibility is often able to work with you and the acquiring bank.  We can create a plan that lowers the bank’s risk and provides your business with lower rates and better service.

There are a number of reasons your merchant account could be considered high risk.

Just like in the insurance world some payment processing accounts are higher risk than others. Our job is to help you understand why your merchant could be (or should not be) categorized as high risk.  Reasons for merchant service accounts to be placed with high risk processing banks vary wildly.  Here are just a few of the things that can trigger a high risk assessment:

  • High Chargeback ratios.  If your business receives a lot of chargebacks relative to your transaction volume you could be considered high risk.
  • Bad credit history.  If the business or the principal have poor credit it can affect your merchant services.
  • Criminal history.  Certain criminal histories make banks nervous.
  • Products sold.  Morally or socially questionable, highly regulated, or volitile products will often trigger a high risk categorization.
  • Average sale amount.  If your business has a very high average sale amount the bank will have higher risk exposure.
  • Refund and shipping policies.  Businesses that have poor refund policies, slow, or future deliverables are also often considered to be high risk.

There are many reasons a business could be placed into the high risk category.  There are also many reasons and simple actions that can be taken to reduce the risk of a merchant account.

Wondering if your business is high risk? Not sure if you qualify as a high, medium, or low risk merchant? Need to get an account set up?  Are you paying too much for your merchant services? Or just want a provider who takes the time to understand your business?  CONTACT US and we’ll help you know where you stand. 

Some industries we proudly support that are often considered high risk for merchant services:

Fantasy Sports

We understand your business model and can provide the best available payment processing services for your fantasy sports league.