And really a banking solution for ALL of the under- and un-banked (not just cannabis)…

Some businesses are just between a rock and a hard spot. They’ve got goods to offer that people of the world want and need but they keep coming up against roadblocks hindering them from getting the goods into people’s hands. Because of either the high risk nature, illegal nature or potentially immoral nature (some banks are prudes) they are unable to do business in the traditional way that other so called “typical” businesses are afforded. Federally backed banks tend to shy away from allowing these very beneficial companies to hold a bank account and certainly won’t give them a merchant account to facilitate the acceptance of payments.

“You will now have the ability to not only collect payments, but multiple forms of payments, from your customers and have those funds deposited into your own business bank account…”

But we are in the service industry. We are in the business of providing services to our merchants that enable them to accept payments for their goods and wares. To that end we are also in the business of finding solutions for ALL types of business owners.

As always, Bankcard Brokers has been working diligently to either create partnerships with the entities who have the expertise and solutions our merchants need to thrive in the business world today or to develop those solutions ourselves.

The Bankcard Brokers (BCB) All in One solution was created with the unbanked and underbanked businesses and individuals in mind. The ones that everybody else shies away from. The BCB All in One Solution will service all legal business types except gaming. (Sorry gaming guys. But we do have high risk solutions for you too, so please don’t hesitate to call!) This solution gives your customers the ability to connect to you, and purchase from you, from anywhere in the world, any time they want (even in person)

Underbanked and high risk businesses that tend to find it difficult to accept credit cards and payments include Ecommerce, fantasy sports, nutraceuticals, adult, tech support, call centers and many more.

The UN-banked businesses, ones that cannot get a merchant account,  are the ones who will truly benefit from this type of payment solution. Any cannabis industry business that has previously been told that they cannot get a bank account, merchant account or accept credit cards for payment can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a perfect solution for accepting payments and banking for CBD companies, especially online or eCommerce stores, grow facilities, retail and medical marijuana dispensaries,  and everyone else in between.

Finally, a banking solution for the unbanked.

No longer will you find yourself trying to run a business in a cash-only environment, with none of the financial services other business owners take for granted. I don’t think we need to go into how difficult and dangerous it is to operate a business on a pure cash basis. I’m sure you are already aware. Retail establishments with a safe full of money are sitting ducks for thieves, putting employees, customers,  and owners in danger.

In order to take payments from your customers you must have a place to put those payments. (And pay your taxes from..) Our BCB All in One Solution provides you with exactly that. Having your funds deposited into your bank account in real time means you have more control over cash flow for the business while also giving your customers the options they need to create a frictionless purchase with you.

You will now have the ability to not only collect payments, but multiple forms of payments, from your customers and have those funds deposited into your own business bank account where you will be able to then use those funds to carry out all manner of purchases and payments which enable you to conduct business. Purchase inventory, pay bills,  send payroll. Your customers will be able to choose what type of payment form best fits their needs. From choices such as paying through bill pay, with eCheck, PayPal, or a prepaid card customers can now choose what works best for them. And you can sit back and watch the sales come in!

As the business owner you decide how robust your check verification is. Level 1 will provide you with verification that the account is valid but Level 2 takes it a step further by verifying the account has sufficient funds to cover the check (as authorized by consumer).

 There will be NO HELD FUNDS! Transactions are settled immediately. This means your business account will be able to receive payments- in real time from Ecomm or retail.

Don’t worry if you already have a shopping cart you love. The All in One solution will integrate with almost any shopping cart via API, and where it needs to there is a simple plugin available, such as with WooComm and Magento.

One of the biggest benefits to the business owner, besides merely having access to banking in the first place, is the fact that all this comes with a bit of security in that the account is backed or insured by up to $250,000. When you’ve been able to have a traditional FDIC insured business bank account that you are running your business through you might take this for granted. But for the unbanked, having an insured bank account is a welcome blessing.

But this doesn’t just benefit you as a merchant. This solution is also a Godsend for your customers. This system allows your customers to do business with you without having to have or pay in cash and without having to provide the business with sensitive financial information. Over time, the solution creates a comfortable payment arena for both the merchant and their customer. Once your customer creates their account they will be able to buy with confidence by signing into their own account on the virtual POS, either with their account number or phone number, and then make payment either through immediate draft or use their card if they choose. This really helps to create a comfort zone for the customer to instill confidence in a safe and secure payment form.

But, it also gives you as a merchant one more point of contact to nurture your customer relationship. Through the account your customers are able to read any kind of brochure, watch videos about products, learn about specials or sales you may be having, as well as other updates and announcements. Not only will this help keep your customers informed but it also helps to form loyal relationships between you and your customer.

Accept payments AND get funded right into your own bank account? A dream come true for an unbanked business such as Cannabis.

At Bankcard Brokers we’ve taken every step we could to make this a quick and pleasurable process for our clients. We’ve created a uniquely streamlined underwriting process that allows us to approve Domestic Merchants in about 15 minutes and International Merchants in about 1 hour.

After the quick approval of your application you will be able to activate your Merchant’s Processing Account in as little as 15 minutes so that you can start processing right away. Every time a transaction is completed the merchant will receive their payments within 5 minutes. You decide how you want to send your transactions. Process payments one at the time with each sale or in a “Batch Process” of up to thousands of payments at a time, whatever works best for your bookkeeping process.

This isn’t going to cost an arm and leg either. First of all, there are no reserves required for U.S. merchants. That’s right! NO reserves required. For most businesses the processing fees involved with the BCB All in One Solution are actually lower than that of traditional high risk credit card processing.  And because our low processing fees are billed separately, merchants are funded the full amount that was charged the customer.

It’s time to step into the 21st century and start conducting business they way you were meant to. It’s time you experienced payment processing with integrity. Each and every one of our payments professionals are dedicated to deep education, conducting themselves with only the highest level of professionalism and integrity as proven by their earning the rare ETA Certification for Payments Professionals (ETA-CPP Certification). Call Bankcard Brokers today to find out more about how the BCB All in One Solution will benefit your business and experience the Bankcard Brokers difference.