What Is This Cash Discount Craze?

Merchants are sick and tired of paying the high cost of credit card processing. There’s this new, exciting  (not really new by the way) program for saving money on credit card processing that Merchant Service Providers and their salesman are pushing more and more these days. Industry mags are calling it the wave of the […]

These Are Not The Rates You Promised!

What if I told you there is a way to save up to 30% on your merchant service fees? Would that interest you enough to keep reading? As a service that most merchants cannot run a business without, we are always striving to help show our merchants various ways to help keep the costs associated […]

Banks Don’t Like Cannabis Businesses, But We Do.

While every type of business may someday find themselves in a situation where they need more capital to move forward, expand or get through a slow season, not every business can just pop on down to their local bank and apply for a loan. Bank services such as loans and equipment leasing are just not […]

So, You Want Free Credit Card Processing Do You?

So, you say you want free credit card processing? There’s a ton of credit card processors offering it nowadays. But, how can they really do that?  Is anything really ever free? Is there actually such a thing as free credit card processing? There is no such thing as free credit card processing. Unfortunately, there is […]

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Points When Picking A Retail POS System

Your Point Of Sale system is the like nervous system of your business. It literally controls everything. Any business owner with long-term success in mind realizes that their Point of Sale system is truly a fundamental building block in the business strategy. You need to be strategic in choosing a POS that will drive the […]