MSP, ISO, PayPal, PayFac? I Don’t Know, I Just Want To Accept Payments

It can be confusing to a merchant just how all this accepting credit cards and payment processing works let alone understand all the terminology and where all the players involved in accepting credit cards fit into the puzzle. It’s enough work for a merchant to undertake and understand the inner workings of each aspect of […]

Can Biometrics Take A Bite Out Of Cybercrime?

The short answer is yes. However, nothing is 100% effective. Biometrics is just one layer but combined with multiple layers of authentication it has the potential to seriously up the game. Anytime you make it more difficult for an online fraudster to bypass a certain authentication you make it difficult for them to achieve success. […]

EU PSD2 Regulations Affect Global eCommerce In America

The new payment directive in the EU has the potential to affect global eCommerce players right here in America. There are big changes to follow in the coming years in the world of eCommerce payments in Europe. The final elements of PSD2 regulations (the Payments Services Directive #2) become fully implemented later this summer. America […]

Prepaid Cards: The Bank Of Choice (for the under-banked)

First let’s talk about what we actually mean by “PrePaid Card”. Oftentimes what we think of when we say prepaid card is something like that $50 Visa gift card you pick up at your neighborhood supermarket for your nephews birthday, but the term “prepaid cards” actually encompass a rather large group of loadable cards intended […]

Move Over eComm- Brick And Mortar Is The Future

Where our society is headed over the next few years in the world of brick and mortar retail and the world of eCommerce sales will be intertwined like an elegant waltz with its graceful and constant, wide-sweeping turns each in tune with the other, circling yet inexplicably drawn together. One of the hardest things to […]

2019 Trends That May Affect How You Do Business

At the start of every new year professionals all across the various markets like to talk about, and even make predictions about, what we can expect in the year ahead. We in the payments arena always, always, have our eye on the advancements being made to help merchants and consumers alike enjoy a frictionless experience. […]

10 Tips To Productively Handle Negative Social Media

In this time of inter connectivity through multitudes of social media avenues, we as businesses are more connected to our customers than ever before. Social Media furnishes us with an avenue to not only connect, but engage our customers and establish trust.  There was a time when a disgruntled customer would talk about their bad […]

Credit Card Fees Are Expensive, Merchants Are Fighting Back

A trend is sweeping the nation. That trend is that merchants are getting tired of how much it costs them to accept credit cards. Merchants are beginning to stand up for the right to pass on the costs of accepting credit cards to their customers. By introducing a credit card surcharge to consumers who purchase […]

Is MasterCard’s Free Trial Policy A Hassle For Merchants?

There’s been a lot of chatter around the web since last Wednesday when MasterCard announced new rules and requirements for merchants running recurring billing subscriptions that kick in right after a so called “free trial” ends. Offering a trial version of your product is a great way to introduce customers to your product and increase […]

Restaurant Industry Loses The Race In EMV Compliance

The State of EMV Compliance In Restaurants. The fact of the matter is restaurants are the number 1 establishment plagued with credit card theft next to gas stations. Skimming of the magnetic stripe to extract the data needed to create counterfeit cards is fairly simple. Chip cards, however, utilize unique digital data to complete transactions […]