How IoT Is Changing The Retail Space

Everyday, we as consumers are accepting and integrating more and more “things” into our daily lives without even a thought. Things that are connecting us to other things and people. There was a time when people first started using a device, a desktop or laptop, to connect to the internet. Now we have multiple devices […]

How To Build An eCommerce Website That Converts

Did you know that shopping cart abandonment accounts for about 35% of sales losses? That means that if you can practice a few tweaks to your site to reduce the incidence that people leave the site without purchasing the items they have added to their cart you would be able to increase your sales by […]

How Storefronts Compete In An eCommerce World

In such a fast moving world it can seem like physical retail stores have no chance against the online retail world.  There are any number of conveniences people tout as why they like online shopping – large selections of items, lower prices, the perceived savings of gas and time,  having the item just show up […]

Ready For A New POS? (But Don’t Know How To Pick One)

Your POS system is arguably one of the most important elements of your business. Many business owners spend a lot of time and effort developing their actual business model and product but look at their POS system and merchant account as almost an after thought. It takes patience and due diligence to pick the best […]

7 Reasons You Need Your Own Gift Cards Now!

If you’re not looking to increase sales and gain new customers don’t read this! We’re smack in the middle of the largest gift card buying time of the year! Did you know that gift card giving accounts for $100 billion in sales annually? But more importantly half of all of those sales happen during the […]

Processing Fees: Visa Tells Merchants To Deal With It!

Merchants are finally standing up to credit card brands. There have been a couple of new developments in the credit card issuing and processing industry lately, developments that will undoubtedly affect merchants. The thing is everything effects the merchants. The question is: will they affect merchants in a positive way? Merchants truly are the cog […]

Merchant Cash Advance- How To Get The Egg Without A Chicken

Dilemma: You can’t make more money until you expand your business, you can’t expand your business until you make more money. The unfortunate truth in the business world today is that banks prefer to lend large amounts and only to businesses that are of a considerable size. This leaves small and medium sized businesses who […]

What Is This Cash Discount Craze?

Merchants are sick and tired of paying the high cost of credit card processing. There’s this new, exciting  (not really new by the way) program for saving money on credit card processing that Merchant Service Providers and their salesman are pushing more and more these days. Industry mags are calling it the wave of the […]