3 Benefits of Using an ETA Certified Payments Professional

Savvy merchants should demand ETA certified payments professionals (ETA CPP) when choosing their merchants services provider. The ETA certification is a symbol of excellence within the payment industry and brings along many advantages. Our checklist below highlights three great benefits of choosing an ETA certified payment professional. Feel free to download this resource at the […]

What is TLS Security?

As EMV continues being implemented in the United States, businesses will see a reduction in fraud related to “in person” transactions. EMV technology works to prevent criminals from re-using stolen credit card data, however, this could cause an increase in other types of fraud, especially “card not present” transactions. Ecommerce is booming and retailers are not […]

EMV vs NFC – How to accept modern payments.

Get your FREE EMV/NFC terminal today! If you’re a US resident who has traveled to Europe within the last several years and used a credit card to pay for something, you may have been asked if your credit card was “chip and pin.” Prior to the last year or two, you probably responded either with […]

How to Ensure Your High Risk Business is PCI Compliant

If your business processes, retains, or transmits credit card information, you most likely know that you are expected to be PCI compliant.  Any group that processes, retains, or transmits credit cardholder data is expected to be PCI compliant. Compliance is based on the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) as developed by a […]

International Credit Card Processing, What You Need To Know

The world of international credit card processing is certainly not simple. For one thing, there’s no single payment processing answer that applies to every nation. Completing transactions for multiple currencies can be a real hassle—unless your merchant services company simplifies things. Let’s take a look at how that can be done. In general, international credit […]

Benefits of Bitcoin Payment Processing for High Risk Businesses

We are proud to announce that Bankcard Brokers now offers BitCoin payment processing for high risk businesses. BitCoins are digital coins that may be sent through the World Wide Web. Here’s how BitCoins work. Customers can select from several online currency exchanges to trade their dollars, euros, and other currencies for BitCoins. BitCoins are maintained in […]

Top 5 Merchant Solutions for High Risk Industries

Merchant accounts allow retailers to accept credit cards and other non-cash payments. Some merchant accounts are considered high risk. E-commerce, international sales, and morally ambiguous retailers are typically categorized as high risk, as are industries with high likelihoods of fraud and chargebacks. Adult product retailers, gambling sites, and payday loan companies are additional high risk […]