7 Ways A Great POS Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

For many retailers, the upcoming holiday season will bring the biggest sales opportunity of the whole year and along with it, a ton of stress. The main goal for most retail business owners is to maximize their sales opportunities during this time of the year and close out the year with a bang! The good […]

Choosing A Payment Processor- Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing a credit card processor for accepting payments in a business is generally the last thing on any business owner’s mind. Trust us, we know.  It usually goes something like this: It comes down to the wire, you’re frantic to get everything pulled together by you Grand Opening, or maybe just the on Friday night […]

Phishing On The Job-Are Your Employees Taking The Bait?

With so much talk in the news regarding recent high profile data breaches and cybercrime attacks, there is one equally as dangerous type of cybercrime that tends to get overlooked by business owners and their employees.  BEC or Business Email Compromise is a type of hacking that involves a fraudster infiltrating office communications for the […]

Big Data-Small Business

SMBs should be using their data to drive business. These days it is common knowledge that big data is a humongous resource for businesses, and with that it is also well known that large corporations are utilizing the data they collect, and even buy, to their advantage to market more effectively to consumers and achieve […]

PCI Compliance – Do It Right, Avoid Paying Non-Compliance Fees

What is PCI Compliance and why do you have to do it? PCI compliance applies to any merchant who wants to accept any kind of payment other than cash. For merchants, being PCI Compliant refers to maintaining the security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry.  These standards are collectively referred to as the […]

STILL Saying NO To Discover? But Why?

Why do some  businesses still not want to accept Discover cards?  Past perception is mostly responsible for many SMB owner’s hesitance when it comes to accepting Discover Card as a payment form.  Both Discover and American Express operate on their own network, while Visa and MasterCard operate through the Visa Interchange Network. This gives them […]

EU’s PSD2 SCA Affects U.S. Merchants And Consumers

PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement goes into effect on September 14th, 2019. In this day of global eCommerce, any new security measures that are mandated for payment transactions can affect merchants and consumers, regardless of where the business is operating. Last year the  EEA-European Economic Area experienced new security measures go into effect for […]

SMBs #1 Security Risk (And What To Do About It)

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities on the market today (and the dark web), even more than the value of oil. Not just for insights into consumers for marketing means, but for cyber criminals too. The sheer value of a company’s data makes unsecured data the most sought after commodity for cyber […]