Monthly Archives: March 2019

MSP, ISO, PayPal, PayFac? I Don’t Know, I Just Want To Accept Payments

It can be confusing to a merchant just how all this accepting credit cards and payment processing works let alone understand all the terminology and where all the players involved in accepting credit cards fit into the puzzle. It’s enough work for a merchant to undertake and understand the inner workings of each aspect of […]

Can Biometrics Take A Bite Out Of Cybercrime?

The short answer is yes. However, nothing is 100% effective. Biometrics is just one layer but combined with multiple layers of authentication it has the potential to seriously up the game. Anytime you make it more difficult for an online fraudster to bypass a certain authentication you make it difficult for them to achieve success. […]

EU PSD2 Regulations Affect Global eCommerce In America

The new payments directive in the EU has the potential to affect global eCommerce players right here in America. There are big changes to follow in the coming years in the world of eCommerce payments in Europe now that the final elements of PSD2 (the Payments Services Directive #2) will become fully implemented later this summer. […]

Prepaid Cards: The Bank Of Choice (for the under-banked)

First let’s talk about what we actually mean by “PrePaid Card”. Oftentimes what we think of when we say prepaid card is something like that $50 Visa gift card you pick up at your neighborhood supermarket for your nephews birthday, but the term “prepaid cards” actually encompass a rather large group of loadable cards intended […]