Monthly Archives: August 2018

Banks Don’t Like Cannabis Businesses, But We Do.

While every type of business may someday find themselves in a situation where they need more capital to move forward, expand or get through a slow season, not every business can just pop on down to their local bank and apply for a loan. Bank services such as loans and equipment leasing are just not […]

So, You Want Free Credit Card Processing Do You?

So, you say you want free credit card processing? There’s a ton of credit card processors offering it nowadays. But, how can they really do that?  Is anything really ever free? Is there actually such a thing as free credit card processing? There is no such thing as free credit card processing. Unfortunately, there is […]

10 Most Commonly Overlooked Points When Picking A Retail POS System

Your Point Of Sale system is the like nervous system of your business. It literally controls everything. Any business owner with long-term success in mind realizes that their Point of Sale system is truly a fundamental building block in the business strategy. You need to be strategic in choosing a POS that will drive the […]

TouchBistro© – A Restaurant POS Dream Come True

Running a restaurant is hard. It’s probably one of the hardest businesses one could have a dream of opening. Having a dream, amazing food and a vibrant atmosphere aren’t the only things a budding entrepreneur needs on their side to run a successful restaurant. Whether it’s a full service restaurant, quick serve, or a cute […]