Monthly Archives: January 2018

Dentists-Tired Of Having Your Wallet Extracted?

Recently, I read through an article written by an irritated employee who realized she was being grossly overcharged for her credit card processing and decided to take on the daunting task of finding better credit card processing rates for her dental office. What she ended up finding was an industry ripe with underhanded tactics and […]

California Won! So You Think You Can Add A Surcharge?

Think Again! You may have heard California won the lawsuit on the state’s ban on credit card surcharging, but what does that mean? A little history first….. A prohibition on adding a surcharge to credit card purchases went into effect in California in 1985. The statute states that it is meant to “promote the effective […]

Revamp Your Merchant Account and Lower Your Fees

Trust me. We are well aware of how business owners feel about paying for credit card processing fees! Most businesses don’t just look at them as paying for a service or just part of the cost of running a business, some merchants absolutely loathe paying for them. So, that being said, I’m here to tell […]