Monthly Archives: November 2017

What Is This 1099-k And How Can It Cost 28% Of My Income?

What is this 1099-k and why am I receiving it? How to button up the end of the year.. The 1099-k “Payment Card and Third Party Network Transactions” form is a form required by the IRS to inform them of the amount of credit card transactions a business has processed and includes “the gross amount […]

Eliminate Credit Card Fees? Yes. Yes You Can.

Could the idea of lowering, or even eliminating, your credit card fees be more than just a pipe dream? Is there a world where the costs associated with merchants accepting credit cards, and customers enjoying the convenience of using their credit cards, are bore more equally? There was a time when consumers paid with both […]

Is Clover The Best Point Of Sale System?

It’s true there is no shortage of various different POS systems to choose from already making narrowing the field an intimidating task, but it seems like these days there is a fancy new one on the market everyday. Clover POS system is one of those exciting solutions that has long been capturing a well earned […]