Monthly Archives: July 2017

Chargebacks- The Darkside Of Accepting Credit Cards

As a legitimate business in the 21st century you have to be able to accept credit cards. There are no if, ands or buts about it. It is just what consumers expect these days. Accepting credit cards can help you increase your customer base by adding convenience for them and lending a professional image to […]

EMV-You’re Compatible-EMV You’re Still At Risk

We’ve had a slew of data breaches in the news lately, both big and small. From cloud based login manager OneLogin to Deep Roots Analytics, who store millions of American voter’s information. From the worldwide cyberattacks WannaCry and the more recent ExPetr, both demanding bitcoin ransom, to the Verizon debacle just a few days ago. […]

Payment Gateways Aren’t Just For E-Commerce Anymore

Every merchant, no matter how big or small they are, needs a way to take payments in exchange for whatever wares they are offering. Whether you are as big as Costco or small as, well, as small as the single one-man-show operating his/her Etsy account. Long gone are the days where a shop owner flips […]

Tobacco- Merchant Accounts Riddled With Regulation

Take a walk through Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and you’ll find plenty of “head” shops. These stores, which usually sell tobacco products and other items related to smoking and vaping, now have competition from online tobacco resellers.  E-commerce opportunities have opened up a whole new world for this industry. Why is the tobacco industry labeled […]