Monthly Archives: April 2017

CC Surcharge- Help Your Bottom Line Or Hurt Your Reputation?

  What is a credit card surcharge and how did it come about? As we get closer to a cashless society, as more and more people stray away from using cash on an everyday basis and pulling out the plastic is commonplace, merchants have had to keep up with the times. If you don’t accept […]

POS Provider Unqualified? It Could Cost You

 Keeping up with the ever changing security requirements of the payment industry. If you’ve been in business for a while you are probably well aware of your PCI compliance requirements as a business and that you have to verify them annually. But the laws and requirements are in constant update mode and it can be […]

Online Shopping: How NOT To Annoy And Drive Away Customers

Think like your shoppers think and you’re bound to increase your sales. What is the goal of every e commerce shopping site? Create happy customers that return over and over and increase sales. The consumers of today have lives that are increasingly busy and overbooked. People are on the go and on their devices and […]

How To Reduce Card-Not-Present Fraud

  E-commerce and MOTO- You’ve got a target on your back. Fraudsters are very adaptable types and they are ever searching for new and unique ways to get what they want. It seems like they are always one step ahead of any safeguards people are using to keep themselves safe and they are quick to […]