Monthly Archives: February 2017

8 Tips To Help You Navigate Your Merchant Services

Consumerism is an increasingly competitive marketplace.  Studies show that over 133 million people own at least one credit card and these days customers prefer the convenience of using credit/debit cards over cash. Many small business owners want to just continue with ease of only accepting cash. They believe that shopping for merchant services is just […]

Do most small businesses really still operate on checks?

  Yes, actually, they do. In a time where electronic payments have become commonplace everywhere from online purchases to using your cellphone’s e-wallet to pay it’s hard to believe that many companies still write and accept paper checks. For many small and medium sized businesses it’s difficult to take advantage of the benefits of the […]

Friendly Fraud- A Manageable Evil

Friendly fraud and chargeback fraud is so common these days you might think it’s just a necessary evil when running a business. Chargebacks are every business’s worst nightmare and chargeback fraud costs eCommerce businesses billions of dollars a year. Loss of sales revenue aren’t the only costs. There are also fees associated with each chargeback […]