Monthly Archives: April 2016

PCI Compliance Update – Are you Ready?

Over the last few years, despite ever more rigorous PCI compliance requirements, there has been a notable increase in data breaches. Large companies such as Target and Home Depot have been hacked and information about transactions and customers has been stolen.  However, the problem of data theft isn’t limited to large companies. Small businesses have […]

What is a Basis Point? Merchant Account Rates.

In today’s modern world, it’s nearly impossible to keep a business going if you don’t accept credit cards. People just don’t use cash that much anymore and who carries around personal checks these days? Whether it is debit or credit, it’s more often than not its a bankcard world when it comes to paying for […]

High Risk Payment Processing: What’s A Merchant to Do? [Infographic]

Finding a merchant provider when your business is considered high risk can seem like a daunting task, what with rejections and often high fees. Bankcard Brokers has experience working with high risk industries and offers payment processing you can trust. Our infogrpahic below shares statistics on the top high risk industries, what contributes to a […]

Cloud Based Tablet POS Systems

There is no question that the business world has been undergoing nonstop changes over the last decade or so.  In many industries, people perform tasks in a different way than in the past.  We have gone from hardware based computing technology that took up entire rooms to cloud based tablets more powerful than ever imagined. […]