Monthly Archives: February 2016

EMV Spurs eCommerce Fraud

Wherever one finds commerce, one is also likely to find fraud and theft. Sounds like a fortune cookie, right? It’s pretty much a fact. There will always be people looking for ways to steal information in order to fill their own pockets with other people’s money.  With the new EMV chip card technology, would be thieves’ […]

Gain an Understanding of Evolving Payment Methods

The payment processing industry continues to evolve with modern technology. As mobile use continues to grow, payment methods used through a mobile device are keeping up with that trend. Use our checklist as a reference to learn about more recent payment methods such as Bitcoin and NFC payments.   Download our Evolving Payment Methods Checklist […]

3 Benefits of Using an ETA Certified Payments Professional

Savvy merchants should demand ETA certified payments professionals (ETA CPP) when choosing their merchants services provider. The ETA certification is a symbol of excellence within the payment industry and brings along many advantages. Our checklist below highlights three great benefits of choosing an ETA certified payment professional. Feel free to download this resource at the […]

What is TLS Security?

As EMV continues being implemented in the United States, businesses will see a reduction in fraud related to “in person” transactions. EMV technology works to prevent criminals from re-using stolen credit card data, however, this could cause an increase in other types of fraud, especially “card not present” transactions. Ecommerce is booming and retailers are not […]

EMV vs NFC – How to accept modern payments.

Get your FREE EMV/NFC terminal today! If you’re a US resident who has traveled to Europe within the last several years and used a credit card to pay for something, you may have been asked if your credit card was “chip and pin.” Prior to the last year or two, you probably responded either with […]