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Steps to Success


Credible Solutions

With our decades of experience in the payment processing industry, our team of CPP-certified merchant account agents and brokers is the clear and trusted choice to handle your payment needs. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction!


Legitimate Processors

We will make sure your merchant account solution is properly vetted, trusted and secure. We build long term relationships with our clients, banks and processors to ensure you’ll have payment processing you can trust.


Transparent Pricing

We will treat you with transparency and clarity – from clear pricing with no hidden markups or fees – to straightforward monthly statements you can understand. We offer full merchant support to ensure your experience with us is seamless, reliable and hassle-free.

ETA Certified Payments Professionals

Trusted. Tested.

What is an ETA CPP?

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the premier trade association for the payments processing industry, created the ETA CPP certification program to recognize those professionals in the industry who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their profession as well as a commitment to professionalism and personal integrity. Every person who earns the ETA CPP designation has:

  • A minimum of one to three years experience in the payments industry;
  • Been recommended by a supervisor or manager from a company in the payments industry;
  • Completed and passed a rigorous examination developed by industry experts and conducted by an independent testing firm that is not affiliated with any entity in the payments industry;
  • Agreed to abide by the Electronic Transaction Association’s Code of Conduct; and
  • Agreed to pursue continuing education credits as a requirement of recertification every three years.
Why Should I do Business with an ETA CPP?

By obtaining your payments processing solution from an ETA CPP, you can be sure that your representative is knowledgeable about the products and services he recommends and has the expertise to recommend the best and most appropriate solution for your business. We’ll ensure your merchant account is the perfect match at the lowest payment processing rates.

Is Bankcard Brokers ETA CPP Certified?

Yes, all agents and brokers in the Bankcard family are ETA CPP certified. This ensures that every contact you have with us will be with a trusted partner in your success. Our agents are recognized as the leaders in the industry and known for their dedication to each client.



What Clients Are Saying


I’ve always thought that accepting credit cards was more trouble than it was worth. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. I’m glad to have chosen Bankcard Brokers.



After years of bouncing from one processor to another, trying to find an organization that stood behind their word, I finally found the right merchant service company for me. The staff at Bankcard Brokers actually follows through with their promises!



Bankcard Brokers introduced me to accepting credit cards for the first time. Being a construction company, I was very leery of taking cards because all I have ever heard was horror stories. I traditionally allowed my customers to write me checks but after getting burned to many times by bounced checks, I thought that now is a better time than any to start accepting Credit Cards. They educated me on the entire process so I would not be surprised by the fees I was charged to accept the different type of cards. Bankcard Brokers set me up with an app on my phone so I can swipe cards anywhere. Love It! The bottom line is that I have gotten more jobs, I get paid faster and I have increased my revenue.



After many bad experiences with our previous merchant service providers we were thinking of not accepting cards at all. They come in all the time, saying that they can save me more money than the last guy, then I get my bill and it is more! I was referred to Bankcard Brokers by a friend and was told to just listen to what they had to say. I was amazed on how much they taught me about who charged what and why. This is such a huge part of my business and not understanding it has wasted a lot of time and money over the last few years. I was always trying to save a dollar trusting people but now I realize it more than that with this business. Bankcard Brokers gave us straight answers and all of the information we needed to get set up properly. We appreciate the professionalism.



I appreciate Bankcard Brokers expedited help with getting my merchant account set up so fast. Brett was very helpful! It’s rare that people go out of their way to help the little guy. Thanks for also sending me business.



We have worked with Bankcard Brokers for over 2 years. The Bankcard Brokers staff has provided and continues to provide the best service and lowest pricing for processing credit card payments. Being a business owner as you well know, we are often contacted by other service providers saying they can beat our pricing and requesting past statement to show how they can save us money. It not only takes up a lot of valuable time for each of us, but thus so far no one has even come close to the pricing that my company gets being with Bankcard Brokers. I have referred Bankcard Brokers to several friends and family they are all very happy as am I. I know you will be too. Thanks Bankcard Brokers.



Thanks for the fast cash Bankcard Brokers. Without it who knows what might had happened.


How to Apply for a Merchant Account

3 Easy Steps!


We'll provide you the basic documentation required to evaluate your needs and the best solutions. We'll talk with you to get a hands-on feel for your business.


We will evaluate your business history and processing requirements and take a step closer to getting you live and taking credit cards by comparing your needs with our solutions.


Once your account is approved, we'll make sure you have the right equipment (if required), and that your system is fully functional and integrated into your business.